Brooklyn Hate Crime: Gang of Jews Attack Lone Pakistani

ABC NY reports:

Police are calling it a vicious hate crime. The victim is Pakistani and his alleged attackers are a group of Jewish teenagers.

The victim is at Bellevue Hospital where he is recovering. He tells us the doctors here have informed him that he will require reconstructive facial surgery.

"They were saying you Muslim terrorist..get out of the country," Shahid Amber said.

Those are the words that 24-year-old Shahid Amber says preceded a violent attack by a mob of teenagers — an attack prosecutors are now calling a hate crime.

"One of them spit in my face and then when I wipe the spit off my face, I opened my eyes and saw brass knuckles," he said.

The incident happened Sunday night in the Midwood section of Brooklyn right outside a Dunkin’ Doughnuts near the corner of Avenue M and East 15th Street.

Shahid Amber, who is Pakistani, was standing outside eating ice cream when witnesses say he was surrounded by a group of Jewish teenagers who attacked him.…

How did he know the mob was Jewish? Probably because they were dressed as Jews, wearing kippot and perhaps visible tzitzit, as well.

Midwood was the home-base for Rabbi Meir Kahane’s US operation. Kahane’s yartzeit is fast approaching. His followers were and are drawn heavily from both the Modern Orthodox and haredi communities. You do the math.

Kahane spoke to me at length two weeks before his murder. In response to my questions, he stressed again and again that acts of violence like this are foolish. Violence was to be used, he said, under very controlled circumstances, and exclusively when the violence is the only possible way to achieve the goal being sought. The problem, of course, is that violence and the culture of violence are corrosive, and most people aren’t as smart as Meir Kahane.


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3 responses to “Brooklyn Hate Crime: Gang of Jews Attack Lone Pakistani

  1. Lawrence M. Reisman

    The ABC article said “The Brooklyn DA’s office tells us there have already been five arrests and say there may be more ahead.” Let’s find out the identities of the attackers and see who they were.

  2. Anonymous

    the man started fighting with

  3. Anonymous

    the man started fighting with the kids, they called the cops. Then they defended themselves. No racial slurs were yelled!

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