Evil Rabbis and Hate

For the record, here is the published opinion of Rabbi Ovadia Yosef and Rabbi Yosef Sholom Elyashiv on next week’s Gay Pride parade:

Lithuanian ultra-Orthodox leader Rabbi Yosef Shalom Elyashiv and Sephardic ultra-Orthodox leader Rabbi Ovadia Yosef will call for protest against "the evil mob seeking to defile the holy city of Jerusalem." They call on "every Jew who fears for the dignity of his holy Torah and the dignity of the holy city of Jerusalem to protest against the abomination in the holy city in particular and the holy land in general."

Note that neither rabbi wrote "peaceably protest." This is akin to yelling fire in a crowded theater. You have many public calls for violence against gays, issued from Orthodox circles, including haredi circles. To label gays "the evil mob seeking to defile the holy city of Jerusalem," is clear incitement to murder unless nonviolence is strongly stressed together with that statement. These rabbis know this well, yet did not temper their words.

And then, this:

…[R]abbis, including Eda Haredit rabbinical court head Rabbi Yitzhak Tuvia Weiss, call for demonstrations next Friday and doing everything possible to prevent the parade. They warn of "evil plots that the evil, impure and sinful people are scheming to defile and desecrate the holy city of Jerusalem with abomination and ugliness."

Yesterday anti-gay activist Rabbi Yehuda Levin landed in Israel claiming to represent U.S. rabbis who seek to prevent the parade. He was warmly welcomed in extreme Jerusalem circles and met with Eda Haredit leaders. Levin said he targets not just the parade but the "homosexual threat" and against the activities of parade-organizer Jerusalem Open House. "A large population wants to fight efforts to make our society homosexual," he said.…

Jews will die, God forbid, because of the words of these evil men.



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4 responses to “Evil Rabbis and Hate

  1. flark

    if nobody dies, will you be happy, or disappointed?
    idk if anyone is actually gonna die, but since u seem to think they will, if they dont, i predict that you will look like an ass.

  2. Harbona

    American luminaries join the fray, while
    joining forces with frum moslems
    how far could moschiach be?
    (tdy’s JPost)
    “New York Rabbi Yehuda Levin, of the Orthodox
    Rabbinical Alliance of America and the Union of
    Orthodox Rabbis of the US and Canada, will be holding a public meeting in Jerusalem with the chief Palestinian Islamic cleric Taisser Tamimi to denounce the parade.

    The event, which is scheduled to take place early next week with Israeli Arab parliamentarians, will include a speaker-phone address by the Mufti of Jerusalem.

  3. Anonymous

    even if not one Jew were to protest the parade I bet there will be deaths anyways at the hands of the muslim population in Jerusalem. This is just a bad idea. We could also argue that in light of free speech, neo nazis should have a right to march in Jerusalem, just like they have the right in the US. But it doesnt mean there wouldnt be an uproar.

    Anyone who participates in this parade knows they are putting their lives at stake, and they are foolish to try to force this issue and lifestyle into the streets and neighborhoods of charedim and other religious Jews who definitely have not come to an understanding of the homosexual condition yet. They are only going to do damage to their cause. Regardless of whether they have a moral right to march or not, they are being stupid and belligerent in doing so. I could have an anti illegal immigration parade in the heart of a lower class Hispanic neighborhood in LA, but in doing so, I knowingly accept any fights and injuries I may receive in the process, regardless of whether I’m right or not. Either way, it would be stupid.
    Personally though, I think these rabbis are trying to stir up enough outrage, using harsh rhetoric and other means, so that the parade doesn’t occur. If it does actually take place, I would bet they will issue a ban on violence and murder towards their fellow Jews.

  4. k. poginbo

    hey putzbrain – any why are the happy paraders any less guilty of yelling “fire in a crowded theater” – provocative speech cuts both ways but your perennialk hardon for all things frum doesn’t allow you to see that. how will we recognize you at the parade? you’ll be the one in the thong and rubashkin t-shirt

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