More Haredi Gay Pride March Violence


The windows of the Geulot Israel synagogue on Tel Aviv’s Shenkin Street were smashed overnight Wednesday, and the words, "If we can’t march in Jerusalem, you won’t walk in Tel Aviv," were spray-painted on the synagogue walls, police said.

A police investigation was underway, as well as a search for the perpetrators of the vandalism.

The synagogue attack was likely a response to outcries on the part of the religious community, which have escalated into riots in Israel’s capital city against the planned Gay Pride Parade, scheduled to take place in Jerusalem on November 11.…

For the second day in a row, about one hundred haredim rioted in Jerusalem’s Mea Shearim neighborhood on Wednesday against next week’s planned parade, police said.

The protesters pelted police and motorists with
stones, and set garbage bins on fire blocking traffic in the street, Jerusalem police spokesman Shmuel Ben-Ruby said.

Two demonstrators suspected of attacking a cab and bus driver who chanced upon the demonstration were arrested by police.

Three police officers were lightly wounded by stones during the violent protest.…

Will people be killed over this march? Yes, I think so. And there will be no one else to blame except for the rabbis who pretend to lead us.



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6 responses to “More Haredi Gay Pride March Violence

  1. Anonymous

    “The synagogue attack was likely a response to outcries on the part of the religious community, which have escalated into riots in Israel’s capital city against the planned Gay Pride Parade, scheduled to take place in Jerusalem on November 11.”

    So these degenerates trash a synagoge???? In Tel Aviv??? Gutless faggots wont do it in Jerusalem as they would get their asses kicked so the little worms go to Tel Aviv and do something which will only make them unwelcome there as well.

  2. Steven

    Because Jews are outraged at homosexuals marching in the Holy City, does not give the right of these obviously anti-Jewish homosexuals to desecrate a Synagogue, regardless of what some religious people may say about homosexuality. I doubt that these homosexuals would dare trash a mosque. They know that their hands – as well as their heads – would be chopped off. And rightly so. How curious that Jews only fight other Jews. The whole thing is a Hillul Hashem. Whether it is the homosexuals marching in Jerusalem, or the “religious” threatening violence. Where are the “religious” when it comes to the Muslim swine who occupy our holiest site? The silence is deafening.

  3. Aharon

    I look forward to the day when I, a straight religious Jew, can walk in pride with my gay brothers and sisters, representing the great ahavat yisrael and ahavbat olam that binds us all together. When I was young I had such a vague idea of the disunity the sources of which obscured our vision of Eden all around us. Now that I’m older, like Shmarya, I deplore the ignorance and hatred which fractures us. My G!d, the evils we will do in the name of defending the torah and our people… the easiest thing to do is embrace kindness.

  4. Anonymous

    Oh AAron, beautifull, I cant see for the tears in my eyes.
    What do a bunch of homos marching in Jerusalem have anythihng to do with Jewish Pride or Bagels and Lox for that matter.
    And nobody is stopping you from marching with Gay People or Nambla or Nazis or whoever you wish. Just dont trash synagogues while doing it.

  5. Anonymous

    If you are jewish and you beleive in G-D, as your forefathers did i.e that homosexuality is a sin. Then why would you want them to take pride in the fact that they are doing something that G-D finds an abomination. In fact homosexuality is a disease that comes about from being molested as a child. If you can find me a homosexual who hasnt gone through a traumatising event of that nature, I will give you 1000$. Good luck finding one

  6. According to the Chareidi weltenschaung, the vandalizer has a point. The Chareidi argument, based on what I’ve been able to glean from all the incoherent rambling and Christian Midrashim, is as follows:
    Jerusalem is the holiest city in Israel and Chareidim are the holiest of people. Homosexuality is the most profane sin, and fags who insist on expressing their freedom by not keeping silent in the face of homophobia are the most profane people. “Correct” Judaism demands that a Berlin Wall be built between the sacred and the profane, and violence waged to keep anyone on the “holy” side of the wall to even know of the profane. Therefore, it is imperative that fags not march in Jerusalem… Or something to that effect, I don’t really give a damn.

    Now, if Jerusalem is the holiest city in Israel, it follows that Tel Aviv is the most profane. Chareidim, therefore, by their own logic, have no right to be in Tel Aviv. If they, with their ideology of “violence in the name of Torah”, are in Tel Aviv, then they are clearly mounting an aggressive campaign against secularism, queerhood inclusive. In which case, fags and their allies have every right to conduct self-defense.

    Keep in mind that all this individual did was to destroy property, whereas Yishai Shlissel actually injured people, and the holy-old-fucks who incited him continue to hurt people.

    So here’s a toast to the night
    Three cheers and a grunt
    To the Queer Liberation Front
    The Queer Liberation Front
    -Plagiarized from David Rovics

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