UnOrthodox Jew Seeks Agudah Invite

UnOrthodoxJew seeks rebuttal time at the Agudah convention session dealing with blogs:

Rabbis Shafran & Zweibel,

I’m respectfully requesting an invitation to the Agudath Israel Convention’s Thursday evening session. I would like the opportunity to publicly respond from the podium to the above featured speakers.

I guarantee that all language will be totally appropriate for the distinguished crowd of rabbis and laymen.

My ideas and writings represent a silent majority of Orthodox Jews globally; if you truly care about the welfare of all Orthodox Jews, you would not be concerned about letting me appeal to your audience’s intellect and sensibilities.

You’re certain to get national and international media attention; let the authentic Torah views prevail.

I’m hoping for an affirmative response at your earliest convenience; I would like to have enough time to prepare my divrei Torah and chizuk.

Very Sincerely,

I’ll add to UOJ’s request. Give rebuttal time to victims of Rabbi Yehuda Kolko, who allegedly abused young boys for 30 years. Some of that abuse took place at Camp Agudah itself, and Agudath Israel stands accused, as do many prominent rabbis, with covering up that abuse and letting Kolko run free and abuse more boys.

Somehow, I don’t think the gedolim have the guts to do either.



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2 responses to “UnOrthodox Jew Seeks Agudah Invite

  1. Unorthodox Jew; how interesting. Next thing you know RecoveringOrthoJew will also want some air time.

    Now *that* would be interesting.

  2. My bottom dollar say that Aguda ignores his request, thereby proving DovBear’s point.

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