Evil Rabbis and Hate, Part 2

As "moderate" Orthodox rabbis meet with gay leaders to try to negotiate the gay pride parade out of Jeusalem, other less moderate rabbis continue to behave like donkeys. Ynet reports:

… Rehovot Chief Rabbi Simcha Cook told Kol Chai radio Thursday regarding the possibility of bloodshed at the parade, “There are some things rabbis cannot say, but the public needs to understand on its own.”

Rabbi Elyakim Levanon said during the radio program that holding the gay parade in Jerusalem constitutes “blasphemy.”

I cannot tell people how to act in such situations, but it is enough to look at the scriptures to see that cases of blasphemy sometimes end in death,” he said.…

These two pricks should be arrested immediately. Their statements are clear violations of Israeli law. Let them spend this Shabbat and many more Shabbatim to come locked in cages like the animals they are.



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4 responses to “Evil Rabbis and Hate, Part 2

  1. Hirshel

    I have to second Yochana Lavie here.Your blog has become the rantings of an angry, negative man.
    Stop calling rabbis animals, learn to disagree with basic class

  2. “Rabbis” Simcha Cook and Elyakim Levanon ימ”ש are considered to be , for all practical intents and purposes, murderers.

  3. Yochanan Lavie

    Thanks, Hirshel. I like Shmarya personally, and I even agree with him often. But I think this kind of rhetoric is not conducive to civilized debate. Let the ranters rant. People can agree to disagree, even strongly, without resorting to name calling.

  4. How many Jews have to die before we call a spade a spade?

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