Haredim and Wife Abuse

Ha’aretz reports:

During the rehearsal stage of her debut play, which
examines women’s abuse, silence and suffering within the Haredi
(ultra-Orthodox) community of Mea Shearim, Naomi Ragen met with a
prominent Haredi rabbi. She offered him a deal: The rabbi would secure
a meeting between Rachel, a woman who had escaped domestic violence,
and her children, estranged from their mother ever since. In return,
Ragen would tear up her contract with Habimah, where her play based on
Rachel’s story was due to be performed. The rabbi asked for some time
to think about it. Later he replied to Ragen that he could not – or
would not – comply with her conditions.

Ragen says she was not
surprised by the rabbi’s refusal. In a recent conversation with this
reviewer, Ragen, author of six novels, says that "we [both Rachel and
herself] didn’t believe that the play would help Rachel, but maybe it
could help other women. It was part of the process of inching our way
to understanding these women’s reality, turning it into common
knowledge." Ragen says the play aims to break through the wall of
collaboration and silence that surrounds the issue of abuse in the
Haredi world. "None of the Haredi audience that came to see the play
complained that it was untrue, just that there was nothing they could
do about it," she notes.…

"Women’s Minyan" a play by Naomi Ragen, The Toby Press, 2006.   


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4 responses to “Haredim and Wife Abuse

  1. Adam

    Naomi Regan is not someone who is fair to both sides of a family problem. She wrote a book about a women divorcing her husband and leaving her child simply because the man didn’t have all the talents that she wanted in a man. Naomi Regan has never ever taken the side of a man in any situation and no I don’t believe every family situation the man is 100% to blame in every case. She supports women just walking out of a marriage whenever they want regardless of the harm it will do and even if the husband hasn’t done anything wrong.

    How come Naomi Regan has never been concerned about children who are brainwashed into hating their father.l I’ve dating girls like this who tell me their father isn’t popular and therefore to them that is enough to not speak to them. Of course the parents are divorced. A women told me if a man has a pimple she doesn’t like that is enough to be considered an agunah. Many Rabbi’s support this position. I believe she also wants women Rabbi’s.

    Anyway, there is a lot of federal government money in blaming men for abuse and these groups force women to say they are abused because the higher the stats of women who they claim are abused the more government funding they are going to get.

    Here is a site that discusses the reality of domestic violence and the various proganda that exists. http://www.mediaradar.org respecting accuracy in domestic abuse reporting.

    Also, what is a haredi? Haredi seems to be a code word for Jews you don’t like. There is Lubavich, Satmar, Yeshiva’s and various other groups. But what is a Haredi?

    I don’t like some of the behavior of some of these groups? And Naomi Regan knows they are easy targets to push her own agenda’s because most people wouldn’t defend these people because of other behavior’s that they don’t like. I see the women do disgusting actions to their husbands too so I have my doubts about an epedemic of husbands just coming home and beating up their wife?

  2. Isa

    Concerning the second paragraph above by Adam.
    If you date a woman and she hates/dislikes/etc her father watch out, this is the time to figure out if she will make you the scape goat for the problems with her father.
    Now of course, since you a new person in her life this will not surface but after a while when the newness wears off that is when you will get blamed for her father.
    Been there! Experienced it too many times!

  3. adam

    I also wanted to add that Naomi Regan does not try to help these women she keeps then in their states so she can use them as pawns for her Agenda’s. One case, it may be Rachel’s, the parents weren’t speaking to the women who had these problems? Did she try to find out why or try to get them to help? No. Has she ever got somebody to hear the husband’s side? No. She doesn’t want these problems to be solved. She wants as much conflict as possible. I can believe this if efforts were made to other parrties involved. But, Naomi does not do that or get other’s who don’t have her baises to hear the other side. She wants the women in these states so she can push her own agenda’s. She is just bad as arab leader’s who keep their own people oppressed to focus their anger on Jews but do nothing to help their own arab brothers. Naomi has also called certain Rabbi’s “like the Taliban” even though women go to school in haredi schools. Neither the men or women get enough education. They don’t stone women to death and make them wear Burka’s. Some Haredi women work. To call Haredim “like the Taliban” is over the pale.

  4. Leila

    Nah, they just through bleach instead.

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