More Gay Pride Opposition Incitement To Violence

Ha’aretz reports:

…On Friday, Police launched a search for anti-gay
pride parade protesters who put up posters in Jerusalem comparing a
senior police official to a Nazi officer.

Written as a mock
obituary, the posters were found in the Ultra-Orthodox neighborhood of
Mea Shearim and claimed Jerusalem District Police commander, Major
General Ilan Franco, was the grandson of the commander of the Treblinka
extermination camp and that they would share the same fate.

Franco, the grandson of Franco Schmirt, the SS commander of the
Treblinka extermination camp, your fate will be the same as that of
your Nazi grandfather and thus your memory will live in infamy. Go back
to Nazi Germany," the poster read.…

For the record, Franco is not the grandson of the Treblinka nazi. And, even if he were, the people who made, distributed and poseted that poster, and any rabbis that condoned it, should be jailed immediately.



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3 responses to “More Gay Pride Opposition Incitement To Violence

  1. This letter is being circulated among shuls and organizations in Israel.

    “And they shall answer and say ‘Our hands have not shed this blood.’”

    We, members of religious communities in Jerusalem, wish to absolutely disassociate ourselves from words that have been heard in recent days with regard to the “Gay Pride” march that is supposed to take place next Friday in Jerusalem. These words have included incitement toward and understanding of violence, attempts to quash freedom of expression, and contempt for other people.

    As citizens of Jerusalem, and as people who see ourselves as an inseparable part of its religious community, we are unable to keep silent when we hear threats of serious violence, especially in light of the fact that similar threats were actualized at last year’s parade. We are conscious of the fact that the campaign of incitement against the march is being described as having the supported of all segments of the city’s religious community, and it is essential to make clear that many, many from this community are in fact disgusted by it. We particularly regret that some of the representatives of the religious educational system, in which our children study, have taken part in this incitement.

    This declaration does not constitute support for the march itself, or expression of any position at all regarding its appropriateness or correctness. Among us there are many divergent opinions on the subject, and we respect the right of all sides to express them. But along with this, the seriousness of the words which have been said in recent days obligates all leaders of the community to distance themselves from any hint of incitement or understanding for violence. This affair proves how short the distance is between stifling freedom of expression for those whose beliefs and opinions disagree with our own, and serious violence. The connection of extremist elements and lawbreakers with respected religious leaders, whose ways we usually agree with, nonetheless obligates them to open their eyes and return them to behaving like the “pure ones of Jerusalem.” Lip service will not be enough to prevent violence, and if the expected threats materialize (without protest), the more responsible members of the community will also not have clean hands.

  2. B”H
    To call the chief of a police names and to say he will meet a bitter end is not an encitement it’s more like a prophecy.
    Like Jeremiah telling nobles and kings of Israel that they are eveil and will be punished.
    Incitement would be to say “Anyone who is a hered le’dvar Hashem should do everything in his power to kill or phisicly hurt chief of police.” Which is not what the flyer you quote says.
    Any lawyer will agree with me.

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