Haredim on Gays, Violence and Responsibility

What do our esteemed rabbinical leaders really think about gays? About violence against gays? The Jerusalem Post reports:

The ultra-Orthodox Eda Haredit leadership said Sunday night that although it opposed violent demonstrations against Friday’s planned Gay Pride march, it could do nothing to stop them.

Rabbi Moshe Sternbach, head of the Eda Haredit Rabbinic Court, said he had specifically ordered his followers not to use violence.

"I said ‘don’t give blows,’ but the public is really angry and cannot control itself."

Shmuel Poppenheim, editor of Ha’eda, the mouthpiece of the Eda Haredit, said that the rabbis called on their followers to [do] everything in their ability to disrupt citizens’ lives.

"But everyone knows not to do anything prohibited by the Shulhan Aruch [the compilation of codified Jewish law]," said Poppenheim.

Poppenheim said that blocking roads was legitimate but other tactics that have been used by haredim in Jerusalem, Bnei Brak and Beit Shemesh, such as pouring oil on roads, burning trash bins and throwing rocks, were all prohibited.

"Most of the public listen to the call to wear sackcloth and smear ashes on themselves [signs of mourning], pray that the abominable march will be canceled and scream gevalt. There is nothing we can do about a few people who lose control."

Asked what is done with haredim who are homosexual, Poppenheim said that they must be ostracized and removed from the community. He rejected the claim that homosexuals had no control over their sexual desires.

"I believe God gave each person the strength to overcome his bad qualities if he wants to," he said.

So after weeks of encouraging violence and doing nothing to condemn those who act violently, haredim now want us to believe the masses are just "out of control" and it isn’t the fault of the rabbis who incited them. At the same time, these rabbis want top blame gays for their homosexuality, and they do so in a perjorative manner.

Sick. And probably legally actionable, should gays be injured or killed during the march.



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4 responses to “Haredim on Gays, Violence and Responsibility

  1. mark

    I wonder how many protesters are really in fact frustrated over their own unexpressed homoerotic desires. What was said about one who “protests too much”? Statistically speaking, there has to be quite a few…

  2. His excuses are reminiscent of Arafat after a terror attack.

  3. formally frum

    “I believe God gave each person the strength to overcome his bad qualities if he wants to,” he said.” If so, then there is no excuse for those who lose control in the anti-gay marches

  4. MP

    formally frum,
    You are correct, but where pray tell did the Rabbis excuse any actions not in accord with the Shulchan Aruch?
    Is it not indisputable that homosexual relations are ‘an abomination’ according to Torah? Celebrating such acts in the Holy Land and in the Holy City R”L must be protested (and those that can protest but don’t may be considered in serious breach of Torah Law).
    It is also clear that the protest (and everything else in life) must be done in accord with the Shulchan Aruch, without violence and without doing anything that may bring physical harm to anyone (pouring oil on the roads is in the latter category).
    The Rabbis urging the protest don’t really even need to say that ‘it has to be conducted according to Shulchan Aruch’ (as it is obvious), but they did! What’s the problem (other than Scott’s desire to always see evil in strictly observant Jews)?

    P.S. To all those that speak against the Rebbe, let Scott’s blog should be a warning to you all. He, too, started by speaking only against the Rebbe; but quickly ended up becoming a complete kofer that now hates everything Jewish and most of all bnei Torah!

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