The Chief Rabbis and the Gay Pride Parade

Ynet reports:

‘We trembled in horror at the news of this menacing plot devised by a minority of our lost brothers, who have agreed to do the lowest, most abominable of acts – acts which are the polar opposite of the value of modesty the nation of Israel has been blessed with.…

"They have dared to parade in the holy city and temple to display their rebellion against the laws of the holy Torah and human morality, embraced by the majority of the world’s nations, crushing of the feelings of millions who hurt and grieve this desecration, fearful of the horrible dangers concealed in this sinful act against the existence of our people.

"If our prayer will not be heard (and the parade is allowed) we call for protests to be held on Friday, to express the pain and objection over harming the sanctity and purity of the nation of Israel and the defilement of the holy city,"

First of all, calling the Gay Pride parade a "meancing plot" and stating gays do the "lowest, most abominable of acts" (try to find a valid Torah source for that foolish assertion – you won’t) ) is, in this atmosphere, clear incitement to violence. So is the claptrap about "horrible dangers … against the existence of our people." Instead of acting like the rabbis of all Jews, "sinners" included, they act like homophobic thugs.

Have two more unqualified men ever held this office?


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3 responses to “The Chief Rabbis and the Gay Pride Parade

  1. Ploney

    Oh no, whatever will shmarya say now?

    JPost reports:

    Hundreds of Israelis of Ethiopian descent clashed with police and briefly blocked the entrance to Jerusalem on Monday in a protest of the Health Ministry’s wholesale discarding of donated Ethiopian blood.

    Police said four officers were hurt, and while according to Channel 2, at least eight protesters sustained very light injuries.

  2. Anonymous

    What if all this maudlin hyperbole is actually an attempt to stop the parade so that child molesting frummies wouldn’t, in a moment of weakness and pride, take to the streets. Then it makes perfect sense.

  3. Gay Golem

    Theocrats are the lowest kind of people from the Iranian mullahs to the Israeli Rabbinate, they are parasites and tyrants.

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