Haredim To Put “Death Curse” On Gays, Police


The Badatz Yerushalayim kosher supervision mark

The Jerusalem Post reports:

A Jewish invocation will be used by ultra Orthodox rabbis in Jerusalem to curse the organizers of the Gay Pride March and the police who protect them, said a spokesman for the Edah Haredit Monday.

In a ceremony known as "Pulsa D’nura" (blows of fire), rabbis of the anti-Zionist Edah Haredit rabbinic court will convene sometime before the march, which is scheduled for Friday, to conduct the kabbalistic ceremony which is believed to unleash unearthly powers against specified sinners.

According to Shmuel Poppenheim, a spokesman for the Edah Haredit, Rabbi Moshe Sternbach, head of the Edah Haredit’s rabbinic court proposed conducting the ceremony during a meeting of rabbinic judges Monday morning.

"All the rabbis were together at the rabbinic court to proceed over a chalitza (part of a levirate ceremony)," said Poppenheim. "After the chalitza, Rabbi Sternbach recommended doing the Pulsa D’nura."

Pulsa D’nura is mentioned in the Babylonian Talmud (Baba Metzia 47a) and in the Zohar.

"If done by a competent, God-fearing rabbinic court like the Edah Haredit, the people who are cursed do not live out the year," said a Jerusalem-based rabbi who preferred to remain anonymous.

The rabbi estimated that the curse was also directed at Attorney General Menachem Mazuz.

"The haredi community is infuriated with Mazuz," said the rabbi.

Mazuz ruled this week that there were no legal obstacles against going ahead with the march.

According to Poppenheim, it has been about 50 years since the Edah Haredit last used the Pulsa D’nura curse.

"It was against people who established Jerusalem’s first mixed-sex swimming pool." Poppenheim said that Gershon Agron, Jerusalem’s mayor at the time, was also cursed.

"He did not live out the year." Agron, who established The Palestine Post, the forerunner of The Jerusalem Post, died in November, 1959.…

The Post is wrong about pulsa d’nura – it was invented, largely out of whole cloth, by Neturei Karta. That being said, these rabbinic thugs need to be restrained. He is something we can all do. The Badatz Yerushalyim supervision is on many Israeli products, icluding Osem products, exported to America and Western Europe. From now on, refuse to buy any product with Badatz Yerushalyim supervision. Make sure to tell your supermarket manager why  you will no longer buy these items, and ask him to get replacements without Badatz Yershalyim  supervision. Also press your synagogues, schools and rabbinic groups to do the same. And, as always, refuse to donate to any haredi organization until you are sure it was not involved in this travesty.

The OU does many joint supervisions with Badatz Yerushalayim. Perhaps that should cease, as well.

[Hat tip: Dr. S.]


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18 responses to “Haredim To Put “Death Curse” On Gays, Police

  1. rebeljew

    Personally, I think the Pulsa D’nura ceremony is an excellent idea. I heartily endorse that all those who would use a violent approach to oppose this parade should instead show the mettle of their faith. Faith is what drives the Jewish people. Give up on Kochi v’Otzem yadi” and trust in HASHEM! Instead of a violent attack on the parade organizers and a public show of force, I strongly advocate that the Haredim should put their energy into creating a strong and unified Pulsa D’Nura against their opponents, using Achdus in large numbers.

    In the version of the ceremony that I received from my great grandfather, a well known mekubal from a French speaking part of the world, one should make a small humonculus effigy to concentrate the power of the Pulsa D’Nura from the mind of the Kanoi into the target, and use physical items such as pins or blades on it. We Haredim should gather in our shuls on that day and chant the name of G-d in all of its Kabalistic recompilations, to bring upon the world the most potent and longing Haredi desire, the death, destruction, mayhem, racial purity and political homogenity (please read that last word CAREFULLY!) that the G-d of Avraham, Yitzchak and Yaakov desires.

    With blessings from our G-d, who wills the destruction of the INFIDEL in Jerusalem and the forceable establishment of the kingdom of the Messiah

    Harav Hagaon HaKanoi Hamuflaah – RebelJew

  2. Anonymous

    rebeljew, are you serious? They really make a small doll and use pins and blades on it?

  3. C-G

    The version I heard about uses a blow-up doll or a stuffed Barney the Dinosaur. There must be regional variations.

  4. formally frum

    what happens if they do curse them, however, the police, marches etc.do not die, will the rabbis admit they where wrong?

  5. Moshe

    You have the wrong attitude. The organizers of the Gay Parade deserve to be put in Cherem.

  6. Anonymous

    From an official source, here are the details of the ruling against the main organizer of the parade

    1. He can no longer be counted as part of a prayer group.
    2. He cannot lead prayers or receive any religious honors.
    3. He has been shunned by members at the request of the rabbis.
    4. Members are urged not to do business with him or to see him socially.
    5. He cannot work in religious-related business.
    6. He has completed rabbinic training but cannot sit for what is the equivalent of his boards.
    7. He has been told that there is no repair for his soul and that he will burn eternally in hell.

  7. Jerome Soller

    Glad you posted this. First, (regardless of one’s opinion on the march) the organizers and participants of this curse ceremony should be put in Cherem (it would be poetic justice if they receive Hashem’s justice for their blasphemy and arrogance). One would think that they would encourage Jews to change, not pray for their death (note that the opinion of most orthodox and Chabad/chassidic groups would be to pray for their repentance).

    Obviously, they are not focusing their energies on supporting the Jewish people, or fighting the real enemies of Israel and the Jewish people (Olmert 🙂 , Bin Laden, Narallah, Hamas leadership, Almaje…can’t spell it, etc.)

    It views Hashem as a tool to be manipulated over petty grievances. It seems like the kind of event that a group of self-proclaimed Satanist teenagers would do in a graveyard with a copy of the “Necronomicon” (or any readily available comic book that has a picture of Satan), dead chickens, voodoo dolls and nails. Nahhhh…. the neo-Satanist teenagers have too much dignity for this kind of activity.

    I will track this article. In a year from now, it will be interesting. If all of the targets of their curse have not died in one year, it means:
    a)their curse is a bunch of idolatric, neopagan B*ll Sh*t
    b)they will become the victims of their own curse.


  8. Anonymous

    Rebel –


  9. Scam Alert

    Time for me to buy one more package of Bamba to make up for what the one yukel who listens to Shmarya won’t buy. Oh, well, at least I’m spending fifty nine more cents on Israeli goods.

  10. Anonymous

    rebeljew, i still want to know, are you serious, or joking about the doll?

  11. Jerome Soller

    RebelJew, be careful not to piss them off or they may sick a Golem on you.


  12. rebeljew

    Well, the death curse on Ariel Sharon was supposed to take effect in 30 days. After several months, he had a stroke, but did not die, and is in fact still alive as I write this. Also, he was a 77 year old man who was significantly overweight and taking blood thinners, a huge stroke risk in any book. So, the curse was largely weakened, taking down, but not killing, a health compromised elderly man. I’d say what we have here is yeridas hadoros. Probably, in the old days, when they wahmmied people, they stayed whammied.

    “rebeljew, i still want to know, are you serious, or joking about the doll?”
    My great grandfather was from a “French speaking part of the world”. I will further divulge that it was the island nation of Haiti.

  13. Harbona

    Personally, I think the Pulsa D’nura ceremony is an excellent idea.
    says rebeljew

    granted, it’s better than actual violence. true. however,
    does it not pose a problem with lo tisna et achikha bilvavekha?
    is it a jewish rite? is it not akin to the use of ov and yidde’oni?
    additionally, can a group of jewish “religious models” continue considering themselves as such when they become chronic purveyors of curses to their fellow jews?
    today the gays, yesterday PM Sharon and before PM Rabin z’l?
    if this is not idolatery, what is? and what is it?

  14. Anonymous

    there’s mekubalim in haiti?!! Just kidding.

  15. nigleh man

    This story sounds fabricated. Prominent rabbis sincerely and pblically considering using the “pulsa D’nura” brand curse?

    I would take anything Jpost reports with a heap of salt.

  16. Ha’aretz reported it as well as Ynet, too. All are based on interviews with Poppenheim. It’s true.

  17. Anonymous

    Sell a “Pulsa D’nura” kit, with a blow up doll, except this doll has long blond hair and some other ‘features’ of the doll.

  18. Neo-Conservaguy

    “if this is not idolatery, what is? and what is it?”

    In no particular order: ayin hara – “ptu, ptu, kayn aynahora”, qiddush levanah, the hamsa ornaments that adorn so many Jewish homes (and the jewelery worn by women), the twelve “signs” of the zodiac painted on the wall of a local shul, washing netilat yadiim first thing in the morning, wearing a read string around ones wrist that may or may not have been wrapped around the crypt of Rachel, spilling a drop of (red) qiddush wine, believing mezuzzoth have protective powers (and that tragedies can only happen in homes with non-kosher scrolls)…

    Judaism has always been a compilation of various influences – by accepting some native superstitions, they can then be controlled to some extent by codification.

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