For Marvin Schick

Marvin Schick insists that haredi man-on-boy sexual abuse is extremely rare. He also insists that mikvas are not places where this abuse takes place – it’s all too public for that, he huffs, dismissing those who have suffered abuse, and those who suffered it in the very waters meant to purify. This brief post is meant to add another name to list of people Schick tells you do not exist. Daphna Baram writes:

Goel Pinto, a gay journalist who was raised in the Orthodox religious community in Jerusalem and moved to Tel Aviv after having come out and abandoned religion, told of a sexual assault he was subjected to as a child by an ultra-Orthodox man in the local mikvah…

Pinto did this on his Ha’aretz blog. Interestingly, he opposes having the Gay Pride march in Jerusalem, preferring to leave haredim alone in their sheltered world.

[Hat tip: Dr. R-F.]



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4 responses to “For Marvin Schick

  1. shmuel

    Shmaryah, have you ever seen this?

    The letter that he posts is just about the saddest thing I have ever read, both about Skver and about the mikvah

  2. Would you translate it for us, please?

  3. Shmuel

    I have done a por job, but you will get the basic gist of it. A letter like this, is worth having translated professionally.

    Rabbi Nochum Rosenberg

    To his honer, the great Rabbi, R’ Yitzchak Tuvia Weiss, leader of the bet din of the Edah Charedit in Yerushalayim, and the Rabbis of the BADATZ and the charedi community in Yerushalayim,

    I wish to enlighten you to a story that is awesome and terrible, that in our terrible sinful state…..

    It is well known that I travel the globe to fix and prepare mikvaos in order that people should be able to purify themselves for the sake of heaven. ………

    I would like to testify in front of a beis din that in my sinful state, I stumbled and entered into a “gay bath house” on Friday, erev shabbos parshas metzorah….

    Even though I did not do anything, rather I just saw things, it still made a gaping wound in my neshomah and I needed to travel to the mikvaos in German, Cologne, Worms etc, that have been around since the time of the rishonim, and I dipped myself in the cold water in order to remove the filth from my memory so that it shouldn’t haunt me, yet it still haunts me.

    And if you wonder, how could I have done such a terrible thing, to visit a place like that, does it not say in the pasuk that ……(stay far away)and especially, me, who is involved in the purification of jews?

    The answer is, this abomination was in the mikvah of Yerushaliyim the holy city, and this was the first time in 30 years that I was in Yerushalayim on shabbos, because I always go to Meiron for shabbos, And even worse, the mikvah is in the midst of the charedi communityof Geulah, in the sauna room of the mikvah, in the mikvah of Zupnik, and I didn’t know that there was there a gay bath house, rather, I thought it was a a holy mikvah, to purify the holy nation. And not, god forbid, in my stumbles, I went to be tovel my body and my spirit and I made the terrible mistake of opening the door to the sauna of the mikvah, and I saw what I saw…woe is to my eyes for the horrors that they have seen.

    And this is what I saw in the sauna room of the “gay bath house”

    1. 2 large darkened rooms, with meavrim tzarim
    2. Sinful people, sitting there on two levels, one on top of the other, kneeling on a stone floor, and massaging one another.
    3. on the lower level, …..
    4. I saw many sinful people giving a hand…..
    I saw with my own eyes that there were small children, age seven or eight, that don’t know the taste of sin, and the sinful people would sit them on their laps, and sin with them the bitter, abominable sin of homosexuality(Molesting the children). The sin that is punished by kares and ariri, (Excummunication and early death) and they would rub the “os bris kodesh” of the children until it was hard and when I shouted in protest, they gave me a whack with…..

    And this, is what I saw in the actual room of tevilah:

    In the mikvah pit, they were acting with little children in a way that would even embarrass those sinners from from Sodom and Gemorah. A house of ill repute like this doesn’t exist by the Jews in any other locale in the world. (There was once a sauna in a mikvah in Williamsburg, and I fought with them until they closed it, but even there, there wasn’t depravity like there is here)

    In the last 20 years, amongst the goyim, there had been a growth in the Gay bath houses of the disease of AIDS. Since then, they have shut these places down. If this place would be in America, all the participants would be in jail, and even according to the laws of the Zionist government, such a place would be closed down. But here, in the holy city of Yerushalayim, in beis zupnik, the mikvah remains open and everything is permissible.

    And because of this, we are worse than the non jewish nations, even Pharoe and billam knew that god hates sexual depravity, and I fear that god will strike Jerusalem, In order that god shouldn’t have to ask forgiveness from Sodom and Gemorah, because some of the Jews in Yerushaliyim are far worse. ……

    When I brought this up with many rabbis and communal activists, they told me that they knew of this sick happening, but what could they do, since it is under the hashgachah of the bedatz of the eidah charedis.
    When I brought it up with the eidah charedis, they told me “what can we do, these people subsidize the mikvah for women and for actual talmidei chachamim” woe to my ears.

    I answered them that you are purifying the daughters of Israel on the backs of the abominable actions of the sons of Israel…….

    I begged them to close it down. I threatened that if they do not close it in the next 3 weeks, I will go to the following 3 places to complain:
    1. I will go to the police, I will testify to all that I saw. I have also collected affidavits from many boys and avrechim that have been sacrificed at this sick altar. (Been abused)

    2. I will go to the child abuse authorities
    3. I will go to the press and tell them that there is a gay bath house that molest children in yerushalayim with the consent of the bedatz, and I will fight with all of my strength to get it closed.

    And don’t try to just put a guard there, that will not suffice, such a terrible place must be closed immediately.

    He then carries on in his letter about how the Gabai of Skver was raping young boys, and the rebbe knew about it, but he did nothing to stop it, because the gabai knew all of their secrets ETC….

  4. Shmuel

    The letter that follows, from the Bedatz, simply states, they will apoint a gaurd (Only on erev shabbos and yom tov) to make sure it doesnt happen again.

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