Gerrer Rebbe: Do Not Demonstrate Against Gay Parade – Stay Away From Gay’s “Darkness and Ugliness”

The Jerusalem Post reports:

The Gerer Rebbe, Rabbi Ya’acov Arye Alter, head of the largest and most influential hassidic movement in the country, prohibits demonstrating against the parade.

"The rebbe does not want his hassidim to have anything to do with darkness and ugliness," said a Gerrer hassid and journalist.

He said that Alter imposed a ban on coverage of the march by Hamodia, a haredi daily controlled by Gerer hassidim.

Alter does not want his followers involved with homosexuality, including demonstrating against the march. He argues that his hassidim, especially young children, can be adversely affected just by turning their attention to the issue of homosexuality. They are liable to ask embarrassing questions and get confused. The best strategy is to simply ignore the phenomenon.…

[Hat tip: Conserva-Girl.]



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10 responses to “Gerrer Rebbe: Do Not Demonstrate Against Gay Parade – Stay Away From Gay’s “Darkness and Ugliness”

  1. Shmiel Chaim

    der rebbe meneged to help leizerowitz and mondrowitz escape to israel. he’s full of shit.

  2. Reb Shmarya,

    Did you see reb Lazer Brody post on the issue? He says he will pray for them, not throw a rock on them.

    Is he for real ? Does he really love Jews regardless of their sexual orientation ?

    Personally, I do not trust people who dress like a penguin. But Lazer Brody seems to be a real tzadik (like the ones you occasionally feature)

  3. Ignoring the gays will not make them go away.

  4. zayin katan

    I dont know if ignoring them will make them “go away”;but hopefully it will make them “gay avek” or (preferably) “gay in drerd”,as long as it doesnt make them “gay shlofen in bet arayn”.

  5. Anonymous

    Actually, ZG, Lazer Brody refers to the Pride event as an “Impurade” and repeatedly gives thanks to Hashem for creating a serious military situation that led to (maybe…) the scaled down and relocated parade (!!!). Here’s what he says: “In the name of gay rights and trampling the Torah, heaven forbid, the Israeli leftist judicial oligarchy has triggered a chain of events that has led to the reawakening of the sleeping bear of the suicide bombers”. He goes on: “This is none other than another wonderful lesson in emuna. Thank You, Hashem – everything You do is for the very best.”

    He also thinks that Ha’aretz’s headline writers seek out his page for inspiration.
    On the other hand, maybe his site is supposed to be satire- a frum “Onion”. Maybe I’m just not in on the joke.

  6. Stephen Mendelsohn


    At least it’s better than rioting.

  7. Jerome Soller

    What do you find wrong with his response? Given that the Gerer Hassidim consider homosexuality to be a major sin, isn’t this the best one could expect? He is encouraging them to ignore it and leave the gays alone, not create violence or fake Kabbalistic witchcraft curses. What would you do in his place?


  8. The idea that homosexuality is “darkness and ugliness.” The Torah forbids a specific act – no more than that. If anything is “dark and ugly,” it is men like the Gerrer Rebbe.

  9. Anonymous

    No one has the right to march publicly proclaiming any type of sexuality whether homosexuality or heterosexuality or any other… It is not tzniyus period. Additionally it is forbidden acording to the Torah to discriminate against gays. That does not mean that they have a right to flaunt sexuality.

  10. Anonymous

    Howared Stern once said on the air (late eighties) regarding such a controversy: Let the gays march! Let them! They have to put up their whole life with Tuchess….

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