New Haredi Abuse Report On ABC

ABC TV in NYC has a new exposé on the Mondrowitz case. It includes statements by two haredim, one a rabbi, who claim they were abused by Rabbi Mondrowitz, video footage of Mondrowitz walking freely in Israel, and continued allegations about Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes, who is widely thought to be bowing to political pressure from haredim in this and in other criminal cases that make the haredi community look bad. But most telling are these statements from alleged Mondrowitz victims:

Although some Orthodox Jewish families had begun to move into the neighborhood, 20 years ago it was largely Italian. All of the children who came forward and accused Mondrowitz were Italian. Detective Keogh says she was told there were orthodox victims too, but she got nowhere with the community.

Keogh: "The attitude that I thought of, was that we were like the enemy …"

Of course, the police are the enemy. That is the position of gedolim and of haredi organizations, no matter the smooth words spoken by the likes of Rabbi Avi Shafran and Marvin Schick. Has Agudath Israel ever officially called for Rabbi Mondrowitz to be extradited or even to have him prosecuted in Israel? When Rabbi Yehuda Kolko was seen at an amusement park with children, this mere weeks after being outed in NY Magazine as a serial man-on-boy pedophile, did Agudath Israel publicly tell parents to keep their children away from Kolko? Have they taken any steps against Kolko’s enablers? Did Marvin Schick write a "column" urging parents to be careful and urging rabbinic leaders to take action? Or were these "leaders" too busy worrying about the "attacks" against "Orthodoxy" to bother?

The real question is why do haredim put up with goons like this? Why do they allow themselves to be led by a bunch of preening hacks? You’d think haredim would revolt. Instead, they go to indoctrination sessions to strengthen their belief in "da’as torah," rabbinic infallibility.

What horrible things rabbis have done to Judaism.

[Hat tip: JWB.]


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