Haredi Arson Carries High Price – Poison Gasses

As if haredi violence, bigotry and hatred isn’t enough, we now have this lovely piece of news from Jerusalem: Those trash bins haredi have been burning are made of plastic. The fumes release by burning these plastic bins are highly toxic. Haredim are poisoning themselves, their children and other Jews and Jerusalemites. And their rabbis largely endorse this, probably because their grasp of secular knowledge is so weak, they don’t even realize the potential problem. Sad.

[Hat tip: Conserva-Girl.]



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5 responses to “Haredi Arson Carries High Price – Poison Gasses

  1. Oh, but I am sure that rabbis will cast some spell to stave off a major tragedy. Who needs secular knowledge if you have spells/curses etc?

  2. mikha'el

    Just reminds me of a comment I heard back when I was a public high school kid with an earnest kiruv guy (who was himself a BT and a Chaim Berlin bochur) some 20-odd years ago. The guy actually had insisted on giving me a ride back to my parents’ house from the event I attended about half a mile away-in and of itself he was doing me a kindness, but I remember that back then I was an equally earnest environmentally sensitive teen, and I remember saying to him that walking was better for the environment since it was only like 10-15 minutes away, and he said something like “when we do someone a chesed it is better for the spiritual environment.” Although the guy actually was a nice guy, he wasn’t burning plastic garbage cans, and he was offering a kid a ride home–when I made the comment about pollution and how people drive too much,etc …I recall him giving me a look as if I was from another planet. It was clear to me then that a lot of people with a charedi worldview have a different mindset when it comes to issues like the environment–a la “it’s not something to worry about, moshiach is coming soon”, etc. I’ve also heard similar remarks from a friend who is modern Orthodox, actually, but tilts to the charedi POV sometimes–he and his wife exclusively use plastic plates and cutlery, and just totally disregard all of the recycling laws–when I tried to casually mention it to him once I got a similar response-with an added comment about how all this recycling nonsense was part of some liberal-agenda conspiracy. They were hosting me for Shabbos and feeding me well, and they are nice people, so I wasn’t going to argue with them and be an obnoxious guest. (Also, I imagine that since both of them work and they have 4 kids, it is much more convenient for them to use all plastic plates, cups and utensils and not worry about milchig and flesihig. But what a waste! And when I mentioned the fact that they could get fined also for ignoring the local recycling laws, I got a shrug–and the response that “it hadn’t happened yet, and the worst thing that could happen is if the sanitation dept. fines them, they’ll pay the $50 fine and that will be the end of it.)

  3. DK


    Explaining one’s position of alternative energy as a global warming concern to frummies is futile. What they are able to appreciate is how oil empowers Israel’s enemies. They can be made to understand the problem from a strategic standpoint.

  4. mikha'el

    by the same token–I remember summer camp (with secular Jews and non-Jews) and dumb kids throwing styrofoam and plastic plates on the bonfire after a hotdog cookout to watch it melt (“because it looks so cool”) and ignoring/not caring about the toxins and fumes released after warned by adults. Of course, kids do dumb foolish & dangerous things without thinking of consequences, like many overzealous haredi “activists”, who often have a childlike mentality.

  5. Oh, delectably sweet poetic justice.

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