ZAKA Founder Teaches Children How To Light Fires and Throw Rocks Against Gays and Police

Ha’aretz reports:

…Yehuda Meshi Zahav is the founder of ZAKA rescue services and operations officer for the Eda Haredit, a coalition of extreme ultra-Orthodox anti-Zionist groups based in Jerusalem’s Mea Shearim neighborhood. He has lit fires and petitioned the High Court of Justice against the parade. He has also turned the struggle into combat lessons for the children.

Meshi Zahav took them to demonstrations to see how garbage cans are set ablaze and rocks are thrown, and to the police station to see those who had been arrested, "to learn the concept of fighting for an ideology and a stance, and to be ready to suffer blows." …

And we have to learn not to fund haredi organizations, including ZAKA.



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2 responses to “ZAKA Founder Teaches Children How To Light Fires and Throw Rocks Against Gays and Police

  1. Here’s a history lesson:

    Before the internet (or Agudath Israel discovered blogs), newspapers were the big danger, particularly to the coruption that is protected by the leadership of our community.

    In Israel, a fringe organization called Keshet went around blowing up newsstands in certain Orthodox areas and in the process killing/injuring a number of vendors. Apparently, selling newspapers was apparently worse than murdering a fellow Jew.

    After high-profile arrests (and a few convictions), one of the main families behind Keshet (the Meshi-Zahav family) moved on to start Zaka which instead of blowing Jews up, now picks up their pieces. I guess they realized there was more potential revenue for the latter (at least until recent financial troubles).

  2. Yehuda Meshi Zahav’s brother Moshe Meshi Zahav is a pedophile and a thief who embezzled monies collceted as donations for victims of terrorist acts.

    In 1993, Moshe Meshi Zahav, in connection with a group of Jewish Israelis from New York, schemed to defraud Las Vegas area casinos. His intention was to pass bad checks at the casino, and an inside contact at the casino would approve the line of credit. The casino spotted the scam and called the police. Along with five others Moshe Meshi Zahav was sentenced to six months in federal prison and a thousand dollar fine. After his release Moshe Meshi Zahav returned to Israel and continued stealing and added sexually abuusing children to his resume.

    Apparently, pedophiles and thieves can continue to count on the protection of the leadership of my community, as long as they continue to look Orthodox in form (but of course not in substance).

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