Accused Pedophile Runs Mikva With Rabbinic Approval

In response to this post, JWB points out that alleged pedophile Rabbi Ephraim Boruch Bryks runs a mikva, the Mikva of Kew Gardens, out of his home in Queens, NY – and that mikva is under the supervision of the Queens Va’ad HaRabbonim. JWB also notes that Bryks is alleged to have abused young girls, young boys and also to have had affairs with adult women he couselled.

And apparently Avi Schick, Marvin Schick’s son, is a supporter of Bryks, but this isn’t particularly surprising – Marvin Schick doesn’t believe there is abuse taking place in mikvas, and he believes the abuse in the haredi world is far less than in the secular world – if it exists at all.

Details of the allegations against Bryks – including a CBC TV documentary about him – can be seen here.



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2 responses to “Accused Pedophile Runs Mikva With Rabbinic Approval

  1. Mark

    Where do you see Bryks’s name on that list?

    I know the mikvas in Kew Gardens and he as far as I know doesn’t run any of them.

  2. His address. The alternate phone number for the mikva was his as well.

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