PETA To Debate Rubashkin Attorney Wednesday In NYC

Via email:

–Debate between Bruce Friedrich, Director of Vegan Activities for PETA and  Nat Lewin (Rubushkin’s (Agribusiness’s) attorney)

–Wednesday, November 15th at 8 pm; will go 60-80 minutes.

–West Side Institutional Synagogue in Upper West side of Manhattan (membership: 700). Traditional Orthodox synagogue.

–Brochure was sent out to 18,000 addresses; debate was advertised as “PETA v. the shechita industry” (rabbi said “we kept it very vague”).

Debate format:

–Introductions from both sides

–Time for each side to argue why the other is wrong

–Chance for rebuttal

–Back and forth on various points

–Conclusion from both sides

–Questions from the crowd

–Rabbi Einhorn will moderate



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3 responses to “PETA To Debate Rubashkin Attorney Wednesday In NYC

  1. John K. Diamond

    This debate is a real blessing from Hashem!!!

    Nat Lewin doesn’t have a leg to stand on and Bruce Friedrich will very respectfully deflate all of the opposing arguments and the audience will realize how our “so called” Rabbinic Leadership utterly failed to utilize the “Agriprocessors Schechitah Scandal” to, once and for all, completely clean up the Kosher Animal Industries.

    John K. Diamond
    Member, Advisory Committee
    Jewish Vegetarians of North America (JVNA)

  2. Dr Fred

    Nothing will change. Right-wing Orthodoxy’s “rationale” for the performance of the “Halacha of ritual” is that it makes one a better person. The reality is, of course, that it does not ( neecessarily ) do so. If it did, the RAMBAN would have not made is famous comment re that one can be a disgusting person within its confines.They will persist in denial of this reality, idealistic people will leave and the small-minded “leadership” will persist in disfunction; doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different outcome.

  3. Saul

    How did this go? Any reports?

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