Was Isaac Son of Abraham Sexually Abused?

DovBear has a shocking post on what may be the true reason Sarah threw Yishmael out:

By far, the most surprising opinion can be found on the Bar Ilan website, where Dr. Joseph Fleischman argues rather convincingly that Yitzchak was sexually abused.

And Dr. Fleischman’s proofs are quite strong, as one can see from reading the linked article, including the opinion of Rabbi Akiva, who argued 1900 years ago for this exact position. Rabbi Akiva did not have our knowledge of ancient semitic languages to back up his argument. If he had, the story of the expulsion of Yishmael would have taken its place alongside the (date) rape of Dinah as a paradigm of sexual abuse and response. Maybe now it will.


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3 responses to “Was Isaac Son of Abraham Sexually Abused?

  1. Yos

    This is actually old news. If I may channel my secular karaite alter ego, I’d have to argue that the language is just too vague in and of itself to draw a definitive conclusion. The author was probably more concern with punning off the root zehok than with an actual action.

  2. Yochanan Lavie

    Interesting that Yismael is traditionally believed (both in the Torah and the Koran) to be the ancestor of the Arabs…

  3. Yos

    Yeah, it is. There’s a Hadith… or something, that more or less paraphrases the indictment of Yismael from the Chumash, but puts a positive spin on it. I remember hearing about it when an Imam was explaining that being good with a bow translates into using AK-47s nowadays.

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