For Marvin Schick: Open Your Dull Eyes And See

DovBear has posted a letter he received from a significant haredi rabbi responding to my post on mikva haredi child sexual molestation:

I am sorry to say that horrible stories about mikva’os are 100% true — and then some.

L’aniyas da’ati, all mikvaos for men should be off limits to any children. No child under the age of 18 should go. Period.

I personally know of many many boys who were molested in mikva’os.

I am in close contact with an ex-chassidishe young adult who, over time, was raped by at least 10 men; among them, rebbeim, often in mikvaos.…

Men like Marvin Schick and Rabbi Avi Shafran close their eyes to this and to many other problems in the haredi world. Their desire to "defend" haredism from "attackers" and to present the community it the best possible light blinds them to the real devastation in their midst. Both are very talented men. If they would direct their energies inward into cleaning up abuses in the haredi world, instead of outward at those who "attack,’ they could save many lives. Gentlemen?



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4 responses to “For Marvin Schick: Open Your Dull Eyes And See

  1. shut the fuck up, seriously


    stop with your ridiculousness
    its enough

  2. Oxymoron

    To the first post,

    I generaly disagree with most of what I see on this blog. However, if this post can stop wht you and I know occurs at Mikvaos and fum Yeshivas, it may be worth the whole site.
    People must learn to acccept the fact that these things are happening in our midst and must be stopped at any cost. Think of your reaction if a family member was a victim to this type of activity.

  3. red2669

    see following regarding mikvaos. i think this should shut up the nay sayers!

  4. shmuel

    There are no words. Charedim. Raping boys. IN MIKVAS! And rabbis know all about it. And they do NOTHING.
    The end is near. It’s hopeless. Let’s get ready for some serious punishment.
    But before we do that, let’s at least appreciate the rich irony here: these same charedim went ballistic when gays came to parade in Jerusalem. But those charedim won’t protest a word when their buddies engage in acts of homosexuality, or child molestation, in a mikva, of all places. My skin crawls to read this stuff. Keep blogging about this: maybe it’ll wake up the imbeciles who run the Badatz. Maybe not: that mikva produces half a million dollars in much needed funds. Truly they are Sodom and Gemarah. Time for a boycott.

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