Is This A Free Pass To Hell?

This comment was left today on DovBear’s blog, commenting on my post:

As I understand it and I might be wrong (I hope I am wrong!) There some sickos in our midst (Misnagdim and Chasidim alike) who follow the shita that biah (intercourse) with a person who is less than 9 years is not considered a biah (some authorities say the limit is 3 years and one day ). So they believe they can do whatever they want with a person as long as he or she are less than 9 years and one day

My father who is a wise man, always came home from work less than one hour before shabbos and he never let me go to the mikvah by myself.
The Monsey Tzadik




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11 responses to “Is This A Free Pass To Hell?

  1. Steven

    I have read on anti-Semitic sites that supposedly quote the Gemarah regarding “sex” with one who is below nine, or even three. I was startled years ago when I read Rashi’s commentary that some Rabbanim believed that Isacc’s wife was three when he married her. I have written to a website which defends the Talmud, but I never could get a straight answer regarding this.

    If the Rabbanim from the Talmud actually said these things, then I want nothing to do with any aspect of Talmudic Judaism. It would mean that they were as much sexual criminals as the prophet of Islam. The whole sexual deviancy amongst the haredim is sickening and a total Hillul HaShem.

  2. Ma Rabbi

    Reply to Steven;
    In Judaism all forms of sexual relations are forbidden except for a man and his wife. It does not matter if the female is 2, or 20, or 80. It is forbidden Needless to say all homosexual relations are also forbidden regardlees of age.

  3. Ma Rabbi –

    Sorry, but you’re incorrect. Sex out of marriage is not prohibited, as long as the woman is not married and uses a mikva, i.e., pelegish.

    As for homosexual sex, the only thing prohibited is anal intercousre. There are real poskim who permit other things, if you follow me, using the same logic that permits married couple to have oral and anal sex, masturbatory sex, and other non-penetrative acts.

    What MA Rabbi writes about is current “normative” custom, not actual halakha.

  4. Ma Rabbi

    Sorry but I am right.
    The Rambam and the Shulchan Aruch both say that any intercourse which is not for marriage is “Znus” and is forbidden. Pilegesh is a special case with special parameters. As to your other comment about homosexuals its completely wrong.

  5. Yochanan Lavie

    I agree with both Shmarya and Steven. Sex between consenting adults is one thing. Children should never be sexualized.

  6. No, MA Rabbi, you’re wrong.

    Casual sex is prohibited by the Rambam. This is the view the Shulkhan Arukh adopts. It is not a d’orita, and, like most of Judaism, if you’ll look you will see varying halakhic ways of approaching this.

    As for homosexuality, some pokim agree with you, some with me.

  7. Ma Rabbi

    According to the Rambam intercourse for “Znus” is forbidden by the Torah. Please look it up and admit you were wrong

  8. And others disagree with the Rambam. The Rambam is not God.

  9. Ma Rabbi

    And your remark implying that homosexuals may engage in m—? That is totally off the wall. I only am replying because I dont want people to be mislead. Judaism forbids all these things.

  10. Well, I suggest you do some serious research. There are real poskim who hold differently.

  11. Anonymous

    Shmarya got a heter from a Rav to feel his boyfriend’s man boobs

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