Rabbi Avi Shafran on Haredi Wife Abuse

From JWB’s archive:

All the Orthodox rabbis I am privileged to know are exquisitely sensitive toward women, as they are towards men," he writes. Those who take seriously those rabbis’ advice, [Agudath Israel of America’s] Rabbi [Avi] Shafran says, "would be rendered virtually incapable of abusing his or her spouse.

Let’s see: Rabbis Kolko, Margulies, Bryks, Tendler(s), Lanner, Gafni, Schachter, etc., etc., etc. Come on Shafran, pull your head out of the sand and look around you.

{Hat tip: Dr. R-F.]



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7 responses to “Rabbi Avi Shafran on Haredi Wife Abuse

  1. Simcha

    I am told by reliable sources that UOJ will be attending the Agudah’s Thursday night session.

  2. chakira

    how can you possible compare RHS with the rabbis you grouped him with?
    i am a staunch opponent of almost all of RHS’s program in terms of his ideas of mesorah, halakha, pesak etc. But these disagreements, sharp and deep as they are, do not mean that I doubt for a moment that he is a sensitive and caring individual. RHS may be an obscurantist. He may make comments that make us all cringe. But he is by no means a sexual predator or even a bad person.
    I cannot understand your willingness to defame your intellectual enemies in the same breath as actual criminals. It really lowers the dialogue much more than any apologetic piece by Avi Shafran.


  3. Because, when women were upset by his monkey comment, he refused to apologize. He has a history of that.

  4. Yochanan Lavie

    Shafran is using circular logic. “Orthodox Jews cannot be spouse abuser, because if they abused their spouses, they wouldn’t be Orthodox Jews.”

    I read in Jerusalem Post a few years ago about a similar line of reasoning. It was over whether cigarettes should be assur because they are bad for one’s health. A haredi quoted there said “Cigarettes don’t cause cancer, because Admorim give them out, and to give something dangerous is a sin, and Admorim don’t sin.”

    “Rambam, thou shouldst be living at this hour,” to paraphrase William Blake about Milton.

  5. joe

    Allow me to give you a big tip about wife abusers since I deal with them in my field. They do not look like monsters and horrible people who are constantly screaming and foaming at the mouth. They are some of the slickest most charasmatic guys out there. As long as your not their wife they have no problem with you and they treat everyone like gold. So Rabbi Avi is sadly demonstrating his gullibilty and how naive he is. Its not like these guys will announce to eveyrone “hey Im a wife beater”. If they were easy to spot there would not be a problem.

  6. adam

    Well some of the women must be puting on an act too. Because they look great they sound great the second the wedding is over I didn’t know they put on rags and the husband beats the women. I go to enough wedding and bar mitvah’s and overall the women look more confident and more at ease then the men do.
    Oh, yeah maybe you didn’t know that men feminsts get a billion dollars in government funding so anything a guy does a women doesn’t like she can claim she was abused and there are a millionl laws that protect her from looking at her background or prior history or even mentioning her name even if it a false charge. Check out http://www.mediaradar.org. Respecting Accuracy in Domestic Abuse Reporting. There latest article was in India where the United Nations believes that in every Western COuntry there is an epedmic of violent men. Well this is what they found in India. 15% of abuse was men. 21% was women. And 64% was mutual. This site found out by the way that among American Jews 1% of men were abusive while 7% of women were abusive. This was defined as physical violence that had the potential to serious injure their spouse. It is amazing that how come Shamra never talks about women who abuse their children. Women never abuse in the community. Some are overwhelmed some are seiously disturbed but at least be consistant. Anytime there is abuse the person is automatically a monster whether it is a male or female. Some women intentionally start up with their husbands and then if they get upset claim they are abused because they are so many people that are so naive and don’t ask themselves what they normally see when there is a family problem. Most family arguments the women aren’t so helpless. Give me a break already. They don’t just sit there and act oppressed. So I just don’t believe that it is just the men and that there are ton of men that just come have and beat up their wives. I don’t think their wives are good people either. I think both the men and women of some of these black hat groups are scum. But I don’t believe they just come home and beat up their wives. Sorry!

  7. joe

    Wow you really are ignorant about domestic violence, of course it happens to men too. But you are pretty much talking just like an abuser with your nonsense about how some women provoke their husbands. Did a women beat you up or something man? The simple fact is that it happens more than you think. I didnt say it happened to every wife or only women but wake up.

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