Haredim, Homosexuality and Child Abuse

One of the most bizarre canards hurled at gays is child molestation. Otherwise educated people confuse pedophilia with homosexuality. This confusion is extremely common in the haredi world, which hurls invective at gays, calls them "child abusers," and then coddles and covers for the real child abusers in their midst. This is exactly what happened in the Rabbi Kolko affair. Same for Rabbi Bryks, as well.

Here is a recent example of this from Jacob Stein, AKA Jewish Philosopher:

A far greater percentage of homosexuals are pedophiles than are heterosexuals; a  study shows 1/3 of pedophile victims are males while only about 5% of the population is homosexual. For more details click here.

The links are to two weak and controversial studies. Here’s what the second says, in part:

Homosexuality and Child Sexual Abuse presents a number of controversial findings. The first is that a significant percentage of child sexual abuse victims are boys. The second finding of Dailey’s report contradicts the "inaccurate but widely accepted claims of sex researcher Alfred Kinsey" that homosexuals comprise at least 10 per cent of the population. Based upon a study of three large data sets, the General Social Survey, the National Health and Social Life Survey, and the U.S. Census, "a recent study in demography estimates the number of exclusive male homosexuals in the general population at 2.5 per cent, and the number of exclusive lesbians at 1.4 per cent," writes Dailey.

Note the word emphasized in this phrase: "exclusive male homosexuals." Unlike the claims made for this study, what police will tell you is that many pedophiles are married, but they act out against male children. Police will also tell you most of these men were themselves abused as children, most often by a married man, including their fathers, or by a sibling.

So, the question remains – are  pedophiles disproportionately exclusively gay? Based on the evidence presented, I cannot answer this question. But the question should be asked with the following questions, hand in hand: How many pedophiles were abused as children? Are gay abusers more likely to have been abused as children than straight abusers? Are exclusively gay men more likely to have been abused than exclusively straight men or bisexuals?

I do not believe abuse causes homosexuality, but abuse does cause more abuse, forming a chain that often lasts generations, perhaps centuries. If there are more "exclusively gay" abusers than exclusively straight or bisexual abusers, I suspect there will also be a higher level of abuse found among all men – abusers or not – who are exclusively gay.

In other words, homosexuality does not cause child sexual abuse; child sexual abuse causes child sexual abuse. That is a lesson haredim, including the Jacob Stein, need to learn.


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6 responses to “Haredim, Homosexuality and Child Abuse

  1. Yos

    I believe you said it all. I think the confusion comes from the blurred lines between what is normal sexuality and what is deviant. Freud said the only abnormal sexuality is no sexuality. So thus the blurry lines. If you consider pedophilia deviant and homosexuality between constenting adults normal, then a more definite line can be drawn. Pedophilia obviously has nothing to do with gender distinction. It’s whatever the pedo finds alluring in the near androgenous aesthetic of the child.

  2. Due to time limitations I only skimmed what was written above.

    First off I want to make it perfectly clear that the treatment and understanding of what creates a sex offender is still very much in it’s infancy. What I’m about to write is all based on theory.

    Many ask what causes child sexual abuse? The real question should be what causes someone to become an offender?

    Many in the Jewish community have made comments to me that being a sexual predator is innate. This is far from the truth. Many believe that abusive sexual behavior patterns learned. The majority of sex offenders are NOT homosexual or lesbians. Many child sexual predators do not overtly present themselves as if they are mentally ill, with the exception that they molest children.

    According to research sexual predators are both male and female. Sex offenders come from every social class, intellectual level, educational background, occupation, race, religion and sexual orientation.

    Many believe that their abusive sexual behaviors are caused by maladaptive responses for coping with life stressors and dissatisfactions for gaining pleasure.

    According to research there could be multiple causes of creating a sex offender beginning early in childhood. Some believe that abusive sexual behavior may be similar to a long ingrained habit or an sex addiction.

    I found the following article that I thought could be helpful in the discussion of sex offenders and treatment:

    Treating Sex Offenders in a State Hospital
    By Kevin Price, M.D.
    Psychiatric Times June 2002 Vol. XIX Issue 6

    As an avid reader of Psychiatric Times, I have followed the controversy surrounding civil commitment of sex offenders. I have noticed that those who oppose it have little or no experience treating sex offenders in an institutional setting. I want to share the experience of our state hospital staff, with the hope of stirring up some debate and perhaps opening a few minds.

    Logansport State Hospital has a 22-bed unit dedicated exclusively to the treatment of sex offenders. All individuals on the unit are under civil commitment for mandatory treatment. The program is labeled the “Sexual Responsibility” unit. Responsible sexual behavior is the goal of treatment. Labeling the program the “Sex Offender” unit would be an inappropriate use of emotionally charged words.

    In the unit’s eight and a half years of existence, the re-offense rate has been less than 10% for individuals who successfully completed the program and entered the community, based on conversations with mental health care centers and known arrests. This recidivism rate for sex offenders seems better than the relapse rate for patients with schizophrenia or bipolar disorder treated in a typical state hospital.

    It is inappropriate to waste precious health care dollars treating patients with schizophrenia in a state hospital due to the lack of long-term efficacy and the high relapse rate. I say this tongue in cheek, but those who argue against state hospital treatment of sex offenders need to demonstrate that resources spent treating sex offenders provide less benefit than resources spent treating those “deserving” of state hospital care. I detect a lot of countertransference (in the broad sense) and very little evidence when I hear arguments against civil commitment of sex offenders. If chronic shoplifting or temper problems can be considered psychiatric disorders, why not sex offenses? A particular constellation of behaviors can be both a psychiatric and criminal issue. If our expertise can be used to modify maladaptive behavior patterns, then those behavior patterns are worthy of our professional attention.

    Key elements of our program include stimulus avoidance, development of personal prevention plans, gaining insight into the circumstances in which one is at high risk of re-offending, and treating the disorder as a chronic unremitting condition. Due to small sample size and selection bias, we can only provide the reader with some educated and possibly idiosyncratic guesses about the prognostic features of mandatory sex offender treatment through civil commitment. We hope to have an adequate discharge sample for regression analysis in the future, but selection bias will always remain an issue.

    • Ego-dystonic pedophilia seems to be a good prognostic feature.

    • Pedophiles who masturbate to pedophilic fantasies or smuggle pictures of children onto the unit have a poor prognosis.

    • A strong religious commitment in a nonpsychotic individual seems to be a protective factor against further offenses after lengthy institutional treatment.

    • Psychiatric comorbidity is the rule. Individuals with comorbid psychiatric disorders of any type do as well as those without comorbidity, provided the comorbid disorder is stable and substantially improves during treatment. However, more than one or two comorbid disorders worsen the prognosis.

    • People with schizophrenia in remission or residual phase without prominent negative symptoms seem to do well in achieving treatment goals. Patients with chronic active psychotic symptoms have never successfully completed the program, perhaps due to the cognitive demands required to develop a prevention plan and gain insight into when one is at high risk, or “high in one’s cycle.”

    • Individuals with personality disorders don’t do as well as psychotic individuals in a residual/remitted state unless the personality disorder substantially improves during treatment. Treatment of patients with personality disorders seems to be lengthier than the treatment of previously psychotic individuals in a remitted/residual state.

    • The number of offenders with a current or past diagnosis of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is higher than one would expect in a typical state hospital population. Provided those offenders are of normal intelligence with good control of their ADHD symptoms, they have a good prognosis.

    • Individuals who spent a substantial amount of time planning or thinking about sex offenses are high risk. Impulsive or poorly planned sex offenses are a good sign, particularly after some prison time and several years of treatment.

    • Antisocial personality traits are a poor prognostic feature, primarily related to lack of motivation and remorse.

    • Borderline intellectual functioning does not seem to interfere with the achievement of treatment goals, but progress is a little slower in these individuals.

    • Individuals who are severely lacking in, or are unable to acquire through treatment, basic adult social skills seem to be at higher risk. Individuals who are basically solitary and do not generally enjoy the company of other adults are high risk.

    • Sex offenders from prison, particularly those who were not high on the pecking order, seem to be more cooperative and maintain a better attitude initially during treatment, compared to those referred directly from the courts. Individuals referred from other mental health care agencies without involvement of a criminal court are the least motivated initially.

    If you or your organization is interested in developing a sex offender treatment program, congratulations! I wish to welcome you to the cutting edge of psychiatric care. Treating sex offenders has the added benefit of guaranteeing full beds and minimal competition from other treatment providers. Taxpayers and governing bodies at this time seem willing to spend money for mandatory sex offender treatment. The following paragraphs may be useful in planning or developing your own inpatient sex offender program.

    Funding organizations must understand that proper sex offender treatment is costly and time-consuming. If the funding organization is not aware of this, a facility could find itself in trouble when unrealistic expectations are not met and the next state budget is being prepared. Some states may actually prefer long stays and perhaps a lifetime of treatment if the patient continues to meet commitment criteria. Try to clarify this issue from the beginning so you can determine which individuals are appropriate for your program. If your state wants you to take the hardest of the hard core, and there is no concern over length of treatment, then you can eliminate selection bias and better clarify treatment and recidivism issues for the rest of us.

    Our average length of stay is well over two years. If we included people who were transferred to other units but remained in the hospital, our average length of stay would be significantly longer. It is easy for sex offenders to con their way through a limited-stay program. It is much harder to keep the con going for several years. Understand from the beginning that there may be individuals who should never leave an institutional setting in spite of careful scrutiny at the outset for motivated individuals with good prognostic features. Some can be dangerous both to others and your career if you are in a hurry to discharge them. Ideally you will have step-down units and comprehensive outpatient care. Most likely, you will have no community support and will meet resistance when referring even your lowest-risk patients to outpatient care. Length of stay could be decreased substantially with comprehensive, competent outpatient care and residential treatment for motivated sex offenders.

    Aggressively treat comorbidities. Unstable or severe psychiatric comorbidity of any type increases the risk of relapse and/or failure to achieve treatment goals. Offer hormonal treatment, psychiatric management, and specialized psychological and behavioral therapies. Most patients who need hormonal therapy will voluntarily take leuprolide (Lupron) if approached in the right way. Many sex offenders are willing to do anything possible to avoid re-offending.

    Forcefully advocate criminal sanctions for those who relapse during or after treatment. Develop a working relationship with the local prosecutor from the beginning. Sex offenders should have only one chance. If they believe further recidivism will result in admission to a nice, clean psychiatric facility, then the risk of relapse increases. Sex offenses are a psychiatric and criminal issue. Our patients understand we will advocate for a lengthy prison sentence (life preferably) for those who commit a serious sex crime. Pedophiles in our program are aware that they run a higher than average risk of injury or death in prison. We clip newspaper articles showing lengthy sentences for repeat offenders. We use every tool available to reduce relapse, including our view of reality.

    Trust your judgment if countertransference is under control. Sex offenders cannot hide their true self when monitored 24 hours per day for several years. You will eventually realize who is trying to con you and who is committed to treatment (no pun intended). Some con artists eventually take treatment seriously and begin to make a sincere effort. Avoid making quick judgments on any individual. After all, you have several years to make any major decisions.

    Finally, you may be surprised by your enjoyment of the work. Most pedophiles can be fairly likable and motivated for treatment, provided you select those with good prognostic features and treat them with respect in a humane, enriched environment. Psychiatric care of the standard hospital patient in modern times is not much different than working on an assembly line. If you are bored with factory work, then developing a sex offender program may reinvigorate your career.

    Did I stir up any debate? I hope so!

    Dr. Price is a board-certified psychiatrist working in a state hospital in Indiana. He completed his residency at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston.

  3. Anonymous

    Don’t take advise from amurderer

    “When I was very young, I was forced to participate in that [ritual] in which I had to sacrifice an infant.” — ‘Vicki Polin ‘, The Oprah Winfrey Show, 1989

  4. Anonymous

    A seriously disturbed person is running the Awareness Center.

    She still believes she was raped on Torah scrolls in her Chicago area synagogue.

    She still believes she participated in a canibalistic ceremony murdering Jewish children.

    She went on Oprah and claimed this.

    Time for everyone to shut down the Awareness Center and someone else to serve as an information clearing house who does not have an ax to grind.

  5. Looks like Team Tendler, Team Worch and Team Gafni are back up to their smear campaign.

    1) There is no alternative to what the Awareness Center does in the Jewish community, none, none in existence and none in development.

    2) Clearly, you have chosen to attack the person when you clearly can’t attack the good work Ms. Polin and her organization have done.

    see: http://www.jewishwhistleblower.blogspot.com/2005_05_01_jewishwhistleblower_archive.html

    The Chicago Rogers Park JCC 1984 mass sexual molestation case, and why those currently attacking the Awareness Center are ignoring it.

    The answer is simple, in their zeal to destroy a Jewish woman, Vicki Polin, and the Awareness Center, which advocates for the survivors of sexual abuse (some of these are survivors of the Rabbonim supported directly by those who attack the Awareness Center), they have chosen to ignore anything that indicates that her story is not unique.

    Numerous Jewish children at the Chicago Rogers Park JCC reported identical allegations. The police and child family services investigated and physical evidence was found.

  6. 3) What organization has been more effective in exposing Team Tendler, Team Worch and Team Gafni? Answer: no organization.

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