Leading Critic of Vladimir Putin Poisoned In London

It seems Chabad’s dear friend Vladimir Putin has tried to kill another opponent of his regime, this time by poison in London, apparently during a meeting where he got these documents:

[W]hich claimed to name Ms Politkovskaya’s killers. According to the papers, she was murdered by four members of President Vladimir Putin’s federal security service, known as the FSB.

Meanwhile, 3000 Chabad emissaries and their rich supporters will have a festive meal in New Jersey. Among them will be Putin’s dear friend, the man who provides Putin with a "moral fig leaf," Chabad’s own "chief rabbi of Russia" Berel Lazar.

Will Lazar be challenged over his unqualified support of Putin? Will pro-democracy Chabad emissaries push for change? Of course not. And this is the problem with Chabad in a nutshell.


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