How Haredim Learn About Sex

Rabbi Shmuel Poppenheim of Edah Haredit, oft quoted in Gil Zohar’s wonderful piece on haredi violence aimed at stopping Jerusalem’s Gay Pride parade, notes:

"Of course we don’t talk about the thing itself. Nobody will tell his son exactly what it is. We talk about a parade of immorality, abomination. Nobody says that it’s people walking naked in these parades or talks about what exactly they do. There are people, even 50 year-olds, who are under arrest after demonstrating, and don’t understand exactly what it is. Children do ask, but we think that this world is full of immorality in any case. Our children will find out about these concepts one way or another, so it’s better for them to find out about it through condemnation and protest, through a position of extremism, through a war against it – not through lust."

Or perhaps they will find out about truly abnormal sexual behavior the way most haredi children do – in a mikva or a yeshiva dormitory.



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8 responses to “How Haredim Learn About Sex

  1. Warren

    I was at the stadium. I did not see any naked people.

  2. Anonymous

    ya Shmarya, the majority of haredi children have been raped in the mikvah or in a dorm room. When I was engaged my chasson teacher taught me that this was the normal way of being intimate.

  3. shmuel

    This is the normal way of being intimate? I hate to ask these questions, but here goes: was he serious? Is that a true assertion? Can anyone confirm this? Is it that widespread? Is charedi society even sicker, more warped and repulsive than even I thought it was? Please say it ain’t so.

  4. Jath

    it turns out that, now our chossidim are also teaching the benei noach on tznius and that frosted windows on the second floor, are still considered insufficient to shield the holy eyes of the tender jewish neshomos from the rampage caused by by the presumed sight (it’s a guess now behind the frosted windows) of gentile women sweating on their stationary bikes.
    http: //www.cjnews. com/viewarticle. asp?id= 10615
    Chassidic modesty clashes with female exercisers
    Staff Reporter
    MONTREAL – The request by a chassidic congregation to have its neighbour, the YMCA, frost its windows in order to block the shul’s view of female exercisers is “exaggerated,” Canadian Jewish Congress says.
    Interim regional communications director Leyla Di Cori said CJC, Quebec region, doesn’t agree that the Yetev Lev synagogue, a Satmar congregation, and its adjoining yeshiva should have asked the Park Avenue Y in Mile End to make the change…..

    it still gets juicier

  5. Anonymous

    yes shmuel its all true. he told me the only way to be intimate is anally in the mikva changeroom, thats why I couldnt get her pregnant until the internet was invented and i learned to do it the way shmarya and his blow up dall do.

  6. Snag

    Shmarya, you are an idiot.

    Anyone who learns any significant amount of gemorroh understands these and other similar issues perfectly well. Only an am ho-oretz like you would believe that this quote was anything other than hyperbole. Yiddishkeit is about living in the real world.

  7. Jath

    And those are from the snag wing:,7340,L-3329995,00.html
    Rabbis: Modesty slacking, stand guard!
    Thousands of haredim participate in conference warning of slacked modesty amongst women. Married men only attend conference; learn about allowed shirt length, skirt size, wigs .
    Blessed be G-d, this whole contingent is of the ashkenazi faith.

  8. gay

    The main sponsor of GAY RIGHTS in WILLIAMSBURG is thethug LOUIS KESTENBAUM

    The problem with Williamsburg and SATMAR is that it is controlled by a couple of THUGS and MAFIA BOSSES like LOUIS KESTENBAUM who are very influental : read Daily News May 11 2006 Article:
    New York Daily News –
    Real estate biz
    boosts Yassky run
    Thursday, May 11th, 2006

    The real estate industry is pouring thousands into Councilman David Yassky’s congressional campaign – including two controversial developers, the Daily News has learned.
    Joshua Guttman and the Kestenbaum family are just two of the land barons who have given more than $50,000 to Yassky, according to filings.

    “Subliminally or subconsciously, these folks probably get more access [to Yassky] when the phone rings,” said Neal Rosenstein, a government reform coordinator for the New York Public Interest Research Group.

    After Guttman’s Greenpoint Terminal Market went up in flames in a suspicious fire last week, Yassky returned a $500 contribution. Guttman has denied involvement in the fire, the city’s largest since 9/11.

    Spokesman Evan Thies denied that developer’s contributions influenced Yassky.

    “There is absolutely no link between donations and David’s governing,” said Thies. “There are plenty of developers in Greenpoint, Williamsburg, DUMBO and Brooklyn Heights who have given him money and are upset over his stance against their developments.”

    Yassky helped create affordable housing in Brooklyn and was an opponent of DUMBO developer Jed Walentas’ 38 Water St. project, which threatened to block views of the Brooklyn Bridge, Thies said.

    Guttman and the Kestenbaums also have contributed to other politicians – including Sens. Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer, City Councilman Simcha Felder, former presidential candidate Al Gore and former vice presidential candidate Jospeh Lieberman.

    Williamsburg preservationists also pointed to the Austin, Nichols & Co. warehouse at 184 Kent Ave., which the City Council voted not to give landmark status to in November. As representative of the district, Yassky was the force behind the nonlandmark vote.

    The building is owned by brothers Louis and Moshe Kestenbaum – who in 1991 pleaded guilty to a scheme to sell cosmetics and groceries intended for the former Soviet Union.

    Instead, the Kestenbaums and three others were convicted of illegally selling them in the U.S. for a $4 million profit.

    In the last two years, Yassky has gotten a total $2,100 from Louis Kestenbaum’s son, Joel, and $3,000 from two Kestenbaum business associates.

    Yassky officials said he was unaware of the Kestenbaums’ crimes.

    “Experiences shows us that when a candidate is receiving hundreds if not thousands of contributions, it’s next to impossible to know what each contributor has done years and years ago that might raise a question,” said Yassky election lawyer Jerry Goldfeder. “We look at all the contribution checks, and we scrutinize them as best we can.”

    Posted by: Mafia Basher | May 11, 2006 10:14 AM

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