770 Riot, #3

Best quote on the 770 riot comes from a former Chabadnik who writes:

If I may paraphrase Heinrich Heine: in a place where one throws kugel, one will end up throwing benches.

He continues:

…This is not anarchy, this is forces of the state and centralized control vs. forces of religious theocracy. The Piss-Yellow-Flag freaks are the expected outcome of the teachings of HRH the GGC MHSHF. He placed himself on a pedestal and paved the way for his own deification, and he ended up as a god and a master. He got it his way, an entire fucking population crowned him as king. As king, he had two realms over which he proclaimed his dominion, the political and the spiritual. In both realms, he sold out core principles of Judaism in exchange for power. He exerted his authority and twisted the facts in order to suit his corrupt agenda. After his death, his sheeple grabbed the kingdom – in a manner of שניים אוחזים בטלית. Krinsky and crew got the political realm, while the freakazoids claimed the spiritual.

And thus it continues to this day, זה אומר כולה שלי וזה אומר כולה שלי. The smart ones, however, leave while yet young. They are the ones who, though they may not have understood it then, sensed what was forecoming back when the kugel would fly. So go on, Lubavitcher fucks, kill each other over who gets to control the legacy of an עבודה זרה. If anyone needs me, I’ll be sitting here laughing my ass off and being glad that I left your bullshit cult six years ago.

ברוך אתה יהוה אלהינו חי העולמים שפטרני מעונש הלזה
ברוך אתה יהוה אלהינו חי העולמים הגומל לחייבים טובות שגמלני טוב



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11 responses to “770 Riot, #3

  1. Incidentally, the mentioning of “kugel” refers to an interview that I gave Tzemach about a year and a half ago.

  2. MP

    Sholom K. is a “chabadnik”? You make me laugh! He is as much of a ‘chabadnik” as you are, Scott. The guy is a rachmonus case, just like you are.

  3. Scam Alert

    yes sholom and scotty are 2 sides of the same coin. sholom is a yasoim and it really is a rachmones. scotty is stam a loser.

  4. shmuel

    The only losers are morons who riot over nothingness, who get violent to preserve falsity. And falsity—thy name is Chabad.

  5. MP,
    The operative keywrd here is former Chabadnik; i.e. one who was raised in your cult but no longer identifies with it.

    Scam Alert,
    There are a number of yungerleit whose fathers died when they were young, but that didn’t cause them to go off the derech. I don’t need your stinking pity.

    Both of you,
    Ad hominem attacks, particularly in the realm of blogging, serve no purpose other than to discredit your intelligence.

    Right on.

  6. Your ad hominem attacks on Chabad don’t make you any better. Neither is your status as a former Chabad member. Chabad will outlive your foolish attack on the movement. It survived the death of its dynasty, it will also survive past the messianic dispute, and the malicious attacks from bloggers like you.

    Long live Hasidus!

  7. This may be mere semantics; but one cannot, technically, make ad hominem attacks on Chabad, as Chabad is not human.
    Oholei Torah fucking Chai! Get back to me when you have something intelligent to contribute to the discussion.

  8. ScamAlert

    Sholomke, can you complete a sentence without using bad language? after reading your blog i don’t think so.

  9. crownorion

    chabad are crazy when they fight over yellow stupid flags and i think that the rabbi m shcneerson is the messiah and i learn alot of his teachings from a rabbi.

  10. michael be drosai

    sholom k – o are you the guy who gave TA a woody with the expression “piss in your cornflakes?” (and that was one of the more profoubd points in your post if I recall)He “kvelled” over that phrase for months – so your literary license emerges unscathed and intact

  11. ScamAlert,
    The medium matters more than the message. No, I generally do not refrain from using vulgarity when it’s called for, which happens to be quite often in this fucked-up world.

    michael be drosai,
    I am he. Your compliments are greatly appreciated.

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