All Truths That Are Kept Silent Become Poisonous

"All truths that are kept silent become poisonous."
Frederich Nietzsche


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One response to “All Truths That Are Kept Silent Become Poisonous

  1. Dan

    I have a question. From a halachic standpoint, I would think that the whole purpose of not exposing problems in the orthodox community is to prevent chilul Hashem. This policy was probably very necessary when the Jewish pople had to live among hostile nations, with pogroms, blood libels etc. Today, however, it seems that by not being open and totally honest with these issues, this causes a much bigger chilul Hashem, because inevitably these problems will become known. I think that both religious and secular Jews, as well as non Jews, would appreciate and prefer openness and dialogue about these issues, and I believe they would be very understanding as well; after all we are mortal humans who inevitably will have problems. Dr. Rabbi Twerski has done this by openly stating that the religious community, like everyone else, has to deal with alcholism, spousal abuse, and gambling addiction, among other problems. He has helped many people as a result. It would seem that if the goal is not to cause chilul Hashem, then the halacha should require complete and total openess of any problems that the Jewish world has.

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