When The Rebbe’s Hasidim Riot


Hasidim gather in the sect’s main synagogue to "farbreng" (i,e., to drink vodka, eat herring and sing songs, all with occasional stories thrown in). But the sect is divided. The main synagogue is under the day-to-day control of the other faction. As the drinking proceeds a fight breaks out. One faction hurls wooden benches weighing 100 pounds at the other faction. Humashim and siddurim are used as missiles. People are injured. Police, ambulances, medics and private security are called. The synagogue is evacuated by police. Injured are taken for medical care. At least one is hospitalized with a broken leg and a broken rib.

Something like this happened in Satmar. It made the front page of New York City’s commuter papers, the Post and Daily News. It happened in Bobov and in other hasidic sects. Each incident had wide media coverage.

But the riot in Chabad’s main synagogue, 770 Eastern Parkway, yesterday in the wee hours of the morning did not make the Post or the News or TV or even 1010 WINS – this, even though the riot happened at the close of Chabad’s annual conference of emissaries . Chabad claims 3000 emissaries attended. The  convention itself got significant media coverage. But the fight between out of town Chabad rabbis and the openly messianic faction based in Crown Heights passed without a peep.

Chabad – especially the Krinsky faction –  invests a lot of effort and money on spin control. Clearly, this is money well spent.

Interesting coverage here: Mentalblog 1, 2, 3 & Chabad.info.


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10 responses to “When The Rebbe’s Hasidim Riot

  1. mb

    So how do you know it happened?

  2. anonymus

    you are idiots!

  3. Neo-Conservaguy

    Looks like the anti-yechi boys are finally facing down the cancer in their midst. This will be ugly, which is nothing to cheer about, but God willing, the more rational elements will prevail – finally.

  4. No, not really. They were drunk, bouyed by hundreds of out of town supporters and egged on by Shemtov’s presense.

    Besides, they all believe the Rebbe is the messiah – the argument is about tactics and PR, and really about power and conrol.

  5. D

    “Looks like the anti-yechi boys are finally facing down the cancer in their midst”

    Would that were the case. Unfortunately, I expect the AGaCh leadership to once again try sweeping this matter under the rug like they did after the court case concerning the commemorative plaque. There is still a gaping hole in the wall where the plaque should go because the Uber-Yechiniks kept trying to install the “correct” one despite the court’s ruling against them.

  6. Scam Alert

    the nuts are the same kind of losers as scotty. just a little more unruly.

  7. concerned

    Chabad.info is hardly a reliable source, but I’m sire you knew that already. Shluchim who come to CH once a year have no reason to initiate violence. On the other hand brainwashed 20 year old students with histories….

  8. moshe

    the rebbe couldn’t stop this?
    how do you expect him to bring shalom to the world?
    wake up yiddeen from your dreams of… mosaiach

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