Bush Secretary Beaten By Sitcom Star


Lenny , the dimwitted cast member from the old Laverne and Shirley sitcom, beat George Bush’s Secretary of Education on Jeopardy yesterday. What else can you say? It’s beyond satire.



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2 responses to “Bush Secretary Beaten By Sitcom Star

  1. D

    Michael McKean is a brilliant actor and musician. He is capable of a wide variety of roles; from dimwitted 20-30something Joe Greaser to aging British rock star past his prime (McKean and co-star Chris Guest composed and performed most of the music for Spinal Tap themselves ).

    I cannot say much for the Lenny character. In fact I could never stand the Laverne and Shirley show in its day. McKean, however, did not get where he is by being a dolt. Not surprising that he did not go into government…

  2. Yos

    LOL I took the title literally there for a second. I was imagining Michael McKean beatng up some poor guy. After Kramer’s racist rant, OJ’s confession and Mel Gibson’s…. head, I wouldn’t have been surprised. After I read the rest of the story, I wish it *had* been a fist fight. How sad.

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