Jewish Week Profiles Rabbi Shaul Shimon Deutsch

Jonathan Mark writes in the Jewish Week:

…After Chabad ordination, he earned a business degree and in 1988 won first place in a national entrepreneurial competition. For many years he was the financial director for J & R Music World, and he still does business consulting. He wrote a critical biography of the Lubavitcher rebbe that earned him contempt within Chabad, though some fences are mended. But all the while, “I studied archaeology on my own and dreamed of creating this museum.”

Like most “attics,” the museum wasn’t quite officially founded but grew like Topsy and came of age in 2004 when it was validated by a five-page spread in the Biblical Archaeology Review. Its editor, Hershel Shanks, declared that this was the first museum that he knew of in the United States devoted to biblical archeology.

The rabbi, with “sweetness” and a “justifiable pride,” wrote Shanks, “has done what no one else in the United States (perhaps in the world outside of Israel) has done. … All the big shots, all the people with access to the most sophisticated knowledge and current excavations, have not accomplished what Rabbi [Shaul Shimon] Deutsch has.”…

But what of that biography of the late Rebbe?

…Let’s leave the rabbi now to his busy life, for he has to get “food for Shabbos” to the poor, with scores of volunteers. And a lot of food is delivered, “$5.5 million worth,” says the rabbi, in the last year alone. He has men coming to his shtieble to daven, he has a weekly column to write for Hamodia, and he has to get ready for his weekly radio show on the Talkline network. …

Conspicuously absent from the list of Rabbi Deutsch’s activities is the completion of that biography, originally planned to be five volumes.  Two volumes were printed. The most controversial material would be in volumes 3 and 5, but they are not published.

The Jewish Week doesn’t note the threats Deutsch received on publication of volumes 1 and 2, the police protection needed or the Chabad-directed violence against him. It also fails to mention that the biography is incomplete. And it does not tell us whether Deutsch ever intends to complete that work. More than two years ago, Deutsch told me he was publishing volume three, and gave me some indication of when that would be. The time came and passed.

Just like Gary Rosenblatt, Mark’s boss, passed on the Rabbi Mordechai
Gafni clergy abuse story because Gafni was a friend of friends, Mark
passes on the real story here. When journalists like Jonathan Mark write garbage like this, ignoring Chabad’s criminal behavior and Deutsch’s enforced silence, they fail us all, while at the same time encouraging violence and anti-democratic action, just as Rosenblatt encouraged and enabled Gafni’s abuse.

Mark and Rosenblatt are the two most prominent Orthodox journalists in America. The operative word here is Orthodox, which increasingly should be read as a synonym for corrupt.



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8 responses to “Jewish Week Profiles Rabbi Shaul Shimon Deutsch

  1. RAZAL

    Sorry but you have it all wrong here.
    R. Deutsch was indeed harrassed by some Chabad thugs.I wonder how much ? But the main line Chabad organization astutely adopted a policy of ignoring R. Deutsch and his self coronation as the Liozner rebbe.Rabbis Shmotkin and Krinsky ignored him.They refused his bait and declined to speak about him. all this annoyed him much more than the silly threats by a few Cad teens.This policy of silence worked as it created no publicity for R. Deutsch and after initial fanfare over his books and new “Rebbistve”, interest in him died.
    As the article states Deutsch is a product of lubavitch schools. Take that very seriously.VERY SERIOUSLY
    Like Krinsky, Herson and Shemtov & Co. he too needs constant PR reinforcement and adoration.
    The books were not giving him that after a while. his rabbinic career was a failure too.He lost all his followers in quick order. Hence he astutely gave up on the Rebbe’s bio, not because of Chabad threats, but because it did not give him the needed PR.
    So do not blame Mr. Mark here. On the contrary SD took JM for a ride 10 years ago when he became rebbe and convinced JM that many lubavitchers were his followers. And JM gave him much needed PR in the JW at that time. So who used whom ?
    All that being said the Museum is a class act that contributes much to the Jewsih orthodox cultural scene.It also inspires many young Tore scholars in brooklyn. SD has spent much time and money to create an excellent institution. No effort is spared and indeed he has received tremendous public recognition for this.
    In addition to his Oneg Shabbes program, SD has established a good anme for himself and pray tell me why he should go back and write critical bios of the rebbe that only a few acadenics etc can appreciate. If your playing field is the Charedi stadium , then you play by their rules.Let rabbi Deutsch continue to do what is does well which is curate the museum.

  2. Moshe

    Not to Mention even his own Brother inlaw Chaim Piekarski left him.. Shimi Deutch is a no body, unlike Shmuley Boteach who atleast is something.

  3. anon

    Well written.

    Is Lubavitch really a cult?

    I thought it was just a few who think the Rebbe is the messiah.

  4. anon

    According to my google search, his brother in law is a bait and switch expert in the black hat camera world

  5. Isa

    About “bait and switch”
    I once mail ordered a mobileprinter from one of those ‘New York outfits’ They advertized a realy low price except the shipping was $40.00
    Of all of them: the lower the price -the higher the shipping.

  6. Markwatcher

    Jonathan Mark is known as someone who writes dreamy pieces, romanticizing the Hassidic world, Lubavitch and others. He paints that world as a contemporary version of old Hassidic fairy tales.

    Evidently he believes, or wants others to believe, that things are great and perfect in that world. He does that with Lubavitch as well as other sects. He is notorious for leaving out stuff that would mar these fairy-tale fictional depictions of his. So having him do it here once again is no great surprise.

  7. Markwatcher

    Mark is just a more polished version of Gershon the swindler Tannenbaum of the Jewish Press. They both are Hassidic propagandists posing as reporters.

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