Marvin Schick, Abuser

Marvin Schick writes several years ago:

…The Catholic Church has been shaken to the core by literally hundreds, perhaps thousands, of accusations, as adults have emerged to voice their claims of abusive activities that occurred years ago. Media attention has certainly been a catalyst for many of the accusers being willing to go public, mainly against Catholic clergymen, but also against religious functionaries of other denominations. It stands to reason that if Orthodox Jewry or any other part of Jewish life were awash with sexual abuse against youngsters or in efforts to cover-up abuse, we would have heard about it in the recent period. It is powerfully telling that such charges have not materialized, that despite an atmosphere that is strongly conducive to sexual abuse claims, very little has been forthcoming on the Jewish or Orthodox fronts.

Emphatically, this does not mean that there haven’t been any such cases that we do not know about. It does mean that too much of the rhetoric within our community has been overwrought and unfortunate. I hope that those who leap at every opportunity to denigrate the Orthodox will recognize that what they have done is itself a form of abuse.

Rabbi Kolko’s abuse went on over a 30 year span and was covered up by many rabbis, including "gadol" Chaim Pinchas Scheinberg. Bryks walks free in Queens, still with official access to children. The Ner Israel perps still walk free, as does Mondrowitz. Rabbis like Scheinberg still intimidate families, victims and advocates. And Marvin Schick is still covering for them all. That, Marvin, is the real abuse.

[Hat Tip: Dr. R-F.]

As a bonus, here is a piece written by Marvin Schick defending convicted kidnapper Rabbi Shlomo Helbranes. Read all of JWB’s post (found, as is JWB’s unique style, in the comments to the headline) for Schick’s piece and lots of other  reports making Schick look, well, stupid – which is not exactly hard to do.

Helbranes’ Awarness Center page may be easier to follow.


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