Marvin Schick: Do Not Cooperate with the Government

Marvin Schick writes:

…The sad thing about the emerging scenario is that the Orthodox are more alert to abuse issues than other Jews. In some perverse fashion, their alertness is being translated into evidence of a greater incidence of domestic abuse in Orthodox homes, primarily because the media are invited to get into the act by organizations and individuals with a stake in abuse issues.…

The Orthodox, and notably the dynamic yeshiva-world sector, needs to show greater restraint in dealing with the media and government, else there will certainly be a continuing flow of self-inflicted wounds. Prospects for this are not bright because there is a paucity of leadership and far too little discipline among these Orthodox. Contrary to the familiar view that sees these religious Jews as being led from the top by respected rabbinical figures, the reality is one of near anarchy. A price is being paid, although that scarcely seems to be a deterrent.

Marvin Schick denies widespread reports of man-on-boy mikva abuse and has consistently claimed all types of abuse are rare in Orthodoxy, despite much evidence to the contrary. I hesitate to write this, but I can reach no other conclusion: a man who does this repetitively over a period of years, even as accused abusers continue to have professional access to children, often at the very day schools and yeshivas Schick is the "worldwide" "expert" in, and yet Schick does not condemn this access and urges Jews not to cooperate with government bodies trying to deal with abuse – this man is not simply naive, he is evil and as much a part of the problem and as guilty as accused abusers like Rabbis Kolko, Bryks and Eisenman.

[Hat Tip: Dr. R-F.]



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2 responses to “Marvin Schick: Do Not Cooperate with the Government

  1. Why are you linking to a post from 2003 to show what Mr. Schick’s current views are?

  2. Because he has not retracted those views, which are found on his own “blog.”

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