Haredim and Racism

Ha’aretz reports:

At the age of 7, Laloum relates, he underwent an
experience that shocked him and ultimately had a major influence on
him. "We moved from the north to Jerusalem," he explains. "The first
week we went to school, to register. The principal told my father to
his face: ‘I won’t let your son in because you’re frankim [a derogatory
word for Mizrahim].’ My father was a simple man, who had become
religious on his own. That was the only time I saw him cry. Really,
with tears."

Chabad to its credit never (at least in the last 30 years) excluded Sefardim from its schools. Ethiopian Jews, however, are a different story. (See also this.)


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2 responses to “Haredim and Racism

  1. Anonymous

    wow! Credit to Chabad?

  2. shmuel

    There’ll be hellfire to pay for Haredi racism. Againts fellow Jews, no less. Against religious Jews. Shall we complain? To whom? Maybe this is why the Holocaust happened: egregious offenses against fellow Jews, no way to complain or correct it, G-d wipes everyone out. Shall we get ready for another?

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