The Allegations Against Agudah

A commenter writes:

According to UOJ, [Rabbi] Shmuel Kaminetzky knowingly sent [Rabbi] Moshe Eisman to Ner
Yisroel when boys in Philadelphia accused Eisman of molesting them.

And then, this:

…Rabbi Shmuel Kaminetzsky [Agudath Israel’s "#2" rabbi] and [Agudath Israel’s rabbinic head] Rabbi Yaakov Perlow were approached before
the Kolko/Margulies/Torah Temimah abuse was made public. They both
chose to pass the buck. Rabbi Perlow stated that he was a
resident of Boro Park and that this was a Flatbush matter. Rabbi
Kamenetsky stated that as long as we have no knowledge of Kolko
molesting any boys in the past two years there is no emergency and we must assume he did Teshuva.



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5 responses to “The Allegations Against Agudah

  1. Do we have no knowledge of Kolko engaging in such activities because he has done Teshuva, or because the frum establishment has learned from their mistakes and is doing a better job of keeping it under wraps?

  2. Anon

    The sad fact is that many in the community have knowledge of Kolko engaging in such activities very recently. When one of these people goes to the authorities, the truth will out.

  3. Central Rabbinacal Congress

    At a meeting with the leading Rabbanim in regards to the MEAL MART/ALLE PROCESSING story, it was concluded that there is no problem whatsoever with the process of NIKUR in their meats,it was also concluded that this whole fiasco was engineered by an evil person with a personnal AGENDA against MEAL MART it was decided by the Rabbis to publish this evil person’s name: his name is [edited by siteowner] Please announce this evil person’s name all over.

  4. UOJ writes………


    Rabbi Matisyahu Solomon, the mashgiach ruchni (spiritual ill-adviser) of the Lakewood yeshiva says that cases that the rabbis are dealing with (NOT-per Borat), (here’s where the drugs kicked in), should be “swept under the carpet.” There’s no more room under the carpet, ask the Roto-Rooter Guy. Rabbi Solomon, to his eternal shame, intentionally changes the focus from “doing nothing” to “not doing enough”. He wants you to believe that the Haredi rabbis are dealing at all with sexual predators in yeshivas, THEY ARE NOT, THE BIG LIE AND COVERUP CONTINUES! The Internet is God’s gift to us to prevent con-men like Solomon, Perlow and Kaminetzky from perverting the Torah any longer. The physical and mental health of our children are the only way to preserve authentic Judaism for the ages; they represent Judaism’s future health, NOT the protection of very ill and evil so-called rabbis. The lying mouth does not fall far from the Haredi hat!

    My presence there caused unusual restraint by the speakers of the evening. Both Rabbis Solomon and Wachsman seemed to be on valium, and Mr. Zweibel was rightfully concerned about attacking the person they believe to be UOJ, they would have had to defend themselves in another lawsuit.

    I am informed that someone posing as UOJ/Un-Orthodox Jew is posting comments on various sites. That is an imposter, I HAVE NOT POSTED ANYTHING ON ANY SITE SINCE MY RETIREMENT ON SEPT. 17TH .

  5. shmuel

    Liars. Coverup artists. Destroyers of Jewish souls. They’ll have to answer to civil authorities, and a Higher Power, soon enough. And let it be said!

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