Was The Rebbe A “Good Guy”?

Sholomanarchy writes:

There is a pervasive mentality in the Frum world of "I don’t like the direction that Lubavitch has taken since his death, but the Rebbe was a great man." I hear this expressed repeatedly in many different forms, and I wholeheartedly disagree.

One does not become a god overnight, there is a deification process that takes place. In a Western (Jeroboamite) theological context, deification requires two primary elements – the establishment of a godlike ideal, and the rejection of all others; אנכי and לא יהיה לך.

Yerov’om is viewed in the Talmud as a חוטא ומחטיא את הרבים, a sinner who causes others to sin. Yerov’om was a sinner because he rejected the original לא יהיה לך with his declaration of הנה אלהיך ישראל אשר העלוך מארץ מצריים.

He is considered a מחטיא את הרבים because, due to political motivation, he outlawed pilgrimage to the Yahwistic temple in Jerusalem; thereby coercing others into worshipping his twin idols, as stated elsewhere.

By implicitly or explicitly encouraging the various rites of deification associated with his life and teachings, the Rebbe turned himself into an idol. He built a "cult of personality" around himself, or allowed one to be built around him.…

This is difficult to argue with. It is spot on and as perceptive as one can possibly be. This is a true portrait of the last Chabad-Lubavitch rebbe and, by extension, of those who still follow him.



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15 responses to “Was The Rebbe A “Good Guy”?

  1. Jath

    It is spot on and as perceptive as one can possibly be.
    this is very true.
    even david berger, errs in not addressing the point of the rebbe as chotei u-machatee.
    yasher koyech

  2. Central Rabbinical Congress

    At a meeting with the leading Rabbanim in regards to the latest MEAL MART/ALLE PROCESSING story, it was concluded that there is no problem whatsoever with the process of NIKUR in their meats,it was also concluded that this whole fiasco was engineered by an evil person with a personnal AGENDA against MEAL MART it was decided by the Rabbis to publish this evil person’s name: his name [edited by siteowner] Please announce this evil person’s name all over.

  3. Anonymous

    Another bullshit post. There is no Central Rabbincal Congress. Try googling them or the email link. NOTHING, not even a rabbinic site of anything.

    Not that any organization with any self respect would post this here.

  4. There is a Central Rabbinical Congress – it’s Satmar.

  5. Scot

    This Berel Keller fellow is nobody to be so excited of. he writes one way today and something completely opposite tomorrow, forget about what he wrote last week…. Captain Keller, wake up! Eschew all your bullshit.

  6. Spot on. I should upload a commentary on the “Life of the Rebbe” flyer they sent my non-Jewish grandmother to my website. Absolutely revolting.

    And yet, I know of the divorced, middle-aged women of my locality prefer to go to the Chabad center for shabbat because the partition ensures that they don’t get hit on by the divorced, middle-aged men at the Conservative synagogue. There seems to be a lot of misunderstanding out here about the differences between the movements — most people are not offended by Chabad as much as I am.

  7. Anonymous

    Hey Shmarya:
    If the “CENTRAL RABBINCAL CONGRESS” IS Satmar at least you are on their radar screen.
    They probably think Shmarya is evil but at least he exposes the Chabad for the evil that it is. har har

  8. Anonymous

    Ok, so its “CENTRAL RABBINCAL CONGRESS” . So what have they done to help Ethiophian Jews???
    Oh sorry off topic, this post is to demean Chabad and the enemy of my enemy is my friend.
    So fatboy how come you dont want to become a Satmar now???
    Oh and boy didnt didnt they have some nice things to say about the Sodomites as I believe they reffered to them as.? How long are they your friends now?

  9. You know, I remember I dated this Russian guy who was railroaded into a Chabad school in Moscow. He said they showed movies of everyone dancing around the Rebbe calling him Melech Moshiach. According to the guy, the Rebbe had tears streaming down his face like he was unhappy with the fact that everyone was calling him Moshiach.

    Yet, he did nothing.

    I am reminded of the whole story with Jesus when some say he is the Moshiach and others say he is not. Someone asks Jesus and he says “Who do you say that I am?” I don’t remember exactly what happens after that, but if I remember corectly, Jesus never directly said he was NOT the Moshiach either. Now there are over a billion people calling themselves Christians.

    For reference, see this: http://www.biblesearch.com/whoisjesus/whoisjes.htm

    At the time when the Russian dude I was dating told me this story, I thought that maybe the Rebbe was too old and sick to really do anything. Then again he could have written a statement telling his followers not to call him Moshiach.

    Apparently, he didn’t do that.

  10. Yakov

    All these negative and hateful comments about Chabad, The Rebbe, and Moshiach stem from the fact that none of you ssem to have bothered to consult the Talmudic and Halachic sources for belief in Moshiach and our prayers daily in this regard. It would be useful for you to consult the Halacha, the Talmud, the Sages Rabbinical writings and when you have seriously learnt about the subject matter, then come back and maintain the same comments. I can assure you that you won’t, unless you dont have a head / brain.

  11. Isa

    If the Rebbe ONLY said perhaps he was a navi.
    Oh NO JUST gotto put himself as being bigger and better than all the other Big Real Navis

  12. no name

    hey ding dongs… On a number of occasions throughout the leadership of the rebbe, there were some Chasidim who wanted to publicly express their opinions about the rebbe as Moshiach, However the rebbe never allowed this to be done.

    On Simchat Torah 1985, in response to reports that certain people were publishing material and singing songs with this content, the Rebbe publicly stated at a farbrengen (gathering) that those involved were starting a new war against Chabad (i.e., Lubavitch chassidism) and all its Rebbeim, even including the eventual messiah, and that he should never have to speak about it again

  13. A lot changed between 1985 and 1990, including the Rebbe’s behavior.

  14. Scot’s comment is a good example of what I refer to as the “kugel-thrower” mentality. His particular tactitcs include using nicknames from my past incarnations, being dismissive of the content of my remarks, and speaking exhortatively. Is he under the impression that these tactics will get me to rejoin his cult?
    Does Yakov know anything about my background? Yakov, I can assure you that I’m well-acquainted with the writings of dead holy-old-fucks, and with the manner in which HRH the GGC MHSHF has interpreted them for the masses of sheeple.

  15. Hman

    Yakov, many of us have consulted the halacha, the talmud (its halachic portion as well as its aggadic material), and midrash (which I assume is what you mean when you refer to the Sages Rabbinical writings), and have concluded that Chabad is guilty of distorting the halachic reality that has been in place long before Chabads rabid messianic frenzy appeared on the scene.

    Your opinon concerning those who reveal the disingenous tactics of Chabad as being headless reveals much about the movement you blindly follow.

    The Kotzker Rebbe once said, “it is a sin to deceive others, but it is a crime to decieve oneself”.

    I would suggest that you escape from Chabad for a time so that you may actually see that Judaism is not narrowly defined by a specific zip code.

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