Allen Mastbaum, ztz’l

My friend Allen Mastbaum recently passed away. Mastbaum’s mother was a cousin of the pre-WW2 Belzer Rebbe, and that rebbe gave him a blessing for long life. Allen Mastbaum lived for 98 1/2 years, surviving the Holocaust and post-war pogroms, including the Kielce pogrom.

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6 responses to “Allen Mastbaum, ztz’l

  1. Anonymous

    Shmarya, you’re an excellent poet! keep up the great work buddy!

  2. Ma Rabbi

    Well, at least you believe in the blessings of the Belzer Rebbe Z”L.

  3. Anonymous

    Over a hundred would be considered old age. But if somebody told him what you post here then no doubt that would have killed him.

    Is there no end to your evil.

  4. rebeljew

    Actually, though the Belzer Rebbe pronounced the blessing, the Lubavitcher Rebbe repeated the words of the blessing which he heard prophetically at the Ohel of the previous Rebbe. That explains it.

  5. Wow! That makes sense … LOL!

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