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Simon Wiesenthal Baptized By Mormons


Gary Motokoff of reports that the Mormon Church has posthumously baptized Simon Wiesenthal.



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Former Haredi Comfronts His Haredi Molestors – On Camera

Breaking Silence
(Translated from Hebrew to English)
Ma’ariv Dec,

As a Charedi (ultra-orthodox) child he had been through a series of
molestations and attempted rapes. Even after he left the religious
life, he suffered from nightmares and sleepless nights. Now Menachem
Lang decided to gather his courage, confront his attackers, and force
the Charedi world to deal with its demons. Dressed as a Charedi, he
infiltrated Bnei-Brak and followed them–until he managed to squeeze a
detailed admission and request for forgiveness; all in front of the cameras.

Menachem Lang was born as a Charedi in Bnei-Brak. Already at a young
age he was discovered as someone who possessed a unique voice for
Chazanut (leading the community in religious song)and became the wonder
child of the Charedi world. However, alongside the success, Lang was
hiding a relentless dark secret.

"The first time was when I was 7 years old," tells Lang. "The
attacker took me to the bathroom and spent five hours with me there. He
rubbed against me and touched me, breathed like a drunkard. I just
lowered my eyes and waited for it to be over." This week, almost 20
years later, Lang went back to the streets of Bnei-Brak–and this time
as a non-religious Jew dressed as a Charedi–in order to confront the
people who sexually assaulted him.

Menachem, 25 years old, is an actor in the Ensemble of Herzelia
Theater, went on the shuddering trip into his past accompanied by
Channel 10 reporter Guy Lerer. "I always wanted to do this," he says,
"it hurt me that these people are walking free. It haunted me nights,
but I didn’t have the courage to do this because I didn’t have anyone
to do it with. I made the decision when Lerer came to me to prepare a
report on the show I participate in. I told him about my dream and he
immediately told me ‘we’re doing this!’. During the shooting we walked
into the Satmar borough dressed as Charedis, the same Chassidic group
that sent its people to meet with Ahmad Nigahd. It is a hard, violent

"I am regretful!"
About two weeks ago, Landg and Lerer, outfitted
with a hidden camera, arrived in a neighborhood in Bnei-Brak. He waited
under one of the houses, dressed as a Charedi. A few minutes later, a
familiar figure approaches up the street. Menachem identifys "A", the
man who attacked him violently and molested him when he was 13. He goes
to him and calls him to stop. "A" turns and flees, Menachem runs after
him. Several tens of meters later, he catches him, and the two begin to
fight. When "A" understands that he has no place to run to, he stops,
and after he calms down a bit an exchange develops between Menachem and

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16 VIDEOS: Dylan Live 1976

Tzemach Atlas has posted a great video of Bob Dylan singing Idot Wind live in 1976. I searched YouTube for more videos from that concert and found 16 live videos made in 1976. I’m posting one, Shelter From The Storm, here. The rest can be viewed on YouTube. These are really great. Enjoy.


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Sephardi Kiruv

Lots of of really beautiful women, too. Watch for the beautiful Ethiopian girl.

[Hat Tip: C-Girl.]


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Pedophile Brooklyn Rabbi Steals House From Stricken Cancer Victim

The New York Post’s Alex Ginsberg reports:

A devious cabal that included a pedophile rabbi stole a half-million-dollar home from a cancer-stricken woman, using a forged power of attorney to sell it and pocket the profits, Brooklyn prosecutors charged yesterday.

According to investigators, Margaret Franklin’s Crown Heights home was stolen in August 2004 after Nathen Farkas, 31, forged a power of attorney, signing Franklin’s name, that effectively handed control of her assets to co-defendant Russell Pitt.

The power of attorney was notarized by a third defendant, Jerry Brauner, 53, a rabbi who had been on probation since 2002 for the sexual abuse of a 15-year-old boy.

Pitt then "sold" the property to the fourth defendant, Winston Roche, 59, and a $476,000 mortgage was split among Roche, Pitt and Farkas.

"Margaret Franklin never got a nickel," said Assistant DA Michael Vaccaro. "Then she died."
Farkas was ordered held in lieu of $85,000 bail and Roche on $45,000. Pitt is still at large.
Brauner was held in lieu of $85,000 bail for lying about prior sex-abuse convictions when he applied for his notary’s license.

Lawyers for the three men arraigned yesterday denied that their clients knew anything sinister was going on, suggesting Pitt was the mastermind.

[Hat Tip: Michelle.]


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Haredi Rabbi’s Fraud Caught On Video

Remember that haredi rabbi who illegally used police lights and sirens to get through traffic in NYC, not for any emergency, but for everyday business. Someone has posted the CBS video of this creep on YouTube:

Best part? The guy’s a diamond dealer.

[Hat Tip: Leah, who has an interesting post on this, as well.]


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The Rebbe’s First Cousin


The Rebbe’s first cousin, a daughter of the Rebbe’s father’s brother, was Israeli poet Zelda Schneerson Mishkovsky. Known simply as Zelda, she won the Bialik Prize and was widely read – and loved. Born in Russia in 1912, she passed away in Jerusalem in 1984. She had made aliya with her mother in 1926. Marcia Falk has translated a her poems, and a bilingual edition has been published. The following poem is taken from that work (you can click on the image for a larger version):


Zelda remained Orthodox her entire life. Marcia Falk’s book contains a brief biogrophy that should be of interest to many Chabadniks.

A special thank you to Schneur for his help on the genealogy of Zelda and it’s link to the Rebbe.


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