Casual Sex and Haredim

Haredi casual sex on CraigsList is again documented, this time by Ken Mondschein on Jewcy. Even one Chabad mention this time.

[Hat tip: Leah.]



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5 responses to “Casual Sex and Haredim

  1. B”H
    Instead of hiding in the shadows of “Craiglist” these people should sign up for the only site that has an Ultra-Orthodox dayan (judge) from Yerushalaim who specializes in family issues to honestly answer all of your questions regarding pilegesh relationships to help you find your besheret without violating Torah law – G-d’s will.
    Come join now:
    PS. We now also offer for Noahides to find a wife or pilegesh or become one.

  2. Anonymous

    Um, hello, did you read the article, pilegesh guy? There are as many married frum women doing this as there are men. Are you going to sanction their extra-marital relationships, too, or is this just another men-only privilege? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Adultery is ok for men only, right? And wives are supposed to just be ok with their husbands screwing some other girl he’s not married to? And when she has kids out of wedlock, the wife’s money has to pay the court-ordered child support, since her husband is probably a lazy bum – I mean, “learner.”

  3. Isa

    Just remember:
    A married Jewish woman can get have a baby from an affair and the baby is NOT a mamzer JUST so long as the guy is NOT Jewish.

    Golly why can’t the ‘no name’ posters make up a name hmmm ‘no name’ rymes with ‘no brain’.

  4. B”H
    It’s obvious from my post I’m talking about Jewish men married divorced single etc. and single Jewish women.
    PS.Interestingly if a Jewish woman is a pilegesh of one man and has a child from another man (while the woman is guilty of breaking her promise to be only with the man #1 until she notifies him or he notifies her that their relationship is over) the child is not a mamzer see:
    I’m also told by an insider that rabbis of the chief rabbinate of Israel often make sure to create some halachik problem with kidushin of non religious couples in order to have a reason to avoid declaring children mamzerim if the woman cheats on her husband or remarries without receiving a proper get.
    All of this would be unnecessary if the couple would enter pilagshut instead of marriage.
    Go to to signup free

  5. I read Carmen Olestra’s blog. Dangerous stuff.

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