Hella Winston’s wonderful book, Unchosen: The Hidden Lives of Hasidic Rebels, is now out in paperback. Here is 16 minute interview (scroll down the page a bit) Leonard Lopate did with Hella last year when the hardcover edition was released. Note how she is very respectful of the hasidic way of life and of haredim. (Here’s a longer interview from Michael Krasny at KQED, as well.) The point is Hella is more than fair to haredim. Now look at Marvin Schick’s attack on Hella Winston. Note the deception and the complete lack of mentchlekeit Schick displays. Winston is secular. Schick is a haredi mouthpiece. Even 10 years ago, at the height of my haredism, I would much rather my children act like Hella Winston than act like Marvin Schick.



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6 responses to “Unchosen

  1. One Who Knows

    Schick once condemned a moderate-Left secular Jewish periodical for young Jews as “perhaps” worse than the Kabbalah Centre. http://mschick.blogspot.com/2005/11/shmutz-is-shmutz-not-jewish-continuity.html

    The fact that he would prefer a cult that is a predator of young Jews to an Arts and Culture magazine for secular Jews is revealing on who this man is.

    The fact that the Orthodox community accepts him as a spokesman is even further revealing a communal level.

  2. Lawrence M. Reisman

    What Marvin Shick actually wrote is, “There is a spreading inclination to accept what is bogus, as in the Kaballah fraud that is the rage, or perhaps worse yet in the soft core dreck of Heeb and activities that debase our community.”

    What “One Who Knows” sees as an “Arts and Culture magazine for secular Jews” Shick seeas as “soft core dreck.” Not having read Heeb, and not intending to, I’ll not say which is worse. But I don’t think Shick is giving any personal preferences.

  3. Ear to the Sidewalk...

    OK.. I’ll jump in.

    I have read Heeb, seen most of their issues, and it is ‘dreck’, without question.

    The publication does nothing for the Jewish market – Secular, assimilated, any type of religious (from Reform to Chasidism). It is all shock value photos, poorly writen – with bad humor – essays, with zero agenda.

    The publication will not help attract young, hip Jews to Judaism. At best, it will show young, unaffiliated Jews that Judaism is devoid of anything real and is just there to be poked fun at.

    I am not Chareidi, and happen to have very liberal leanings, but still can’t get over one of Heeb’s issues with an illustrated essay of “In a Biblical Sense: Dirty Pictures from the Holy Scriptures”


    You get the picture.

  4. BTA

    Schick’s post is ridiculous and Winston is miles above his critique. He claims that she has “stereotyped” hassidim. Well, newsflash hassidim are stereotypes by their own desire to be monolithic and uniform. Especially the Satmyr. They dress the same, eschew english, eat the same, believe the same things, even vote the same way, as long as the bribe from Hillary Clinton is sufficient…

    He is living in a dreamworld for not acknowledging that chassidim are living stereotypes and wouldn’t have it any other way.

  5. Yos

    The worst and most acute stereotype of Hassidim is the cliche of striving to be a stereotype and then begrudging those who see you as a stereotype. After the manner of African-Americans who embrace thug culture but complain of police scrutny, or Muslims who dress as if they’re living in the 7th century and yet bemoan stares. And yes, I know not everyone misses those ironies. From back in the day, me and my friends loved being attractions. Nice way to meet girls. Heh.

    As for menschlekeit, when it comes to rudeness Haredi are more goyish than goyim. Only they call it heimish.

    But Heeb IS an absolutely revolting magazine. It IS worse than Kabbalah Centre.

  6. C-G

    I think Schick’s characterization of Heeb as “soft core dreck” is probably the best endorsement the creators could imagine. So what if it’s revolting? Are all Jewish-themed publications to be judged on their high moral merit? Much of the satire is inside humor- secular readers aren’t the ones who’ve kept Heeb going for over 3 years.

    What ever happened to our ability to laugh at ourselves?

    ps- anyone know what happened to the Fall issue of Guilt & Pleasure?…

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