Haredi Men Beat Religious Jewish Woman on Jerusalem Bus – She Would Not Give Up Her Seat For A Haredi Man

DovBear posts a shocking letter from a friend in Israel who was beaten by haredi men when she refused to move to the back of a public, non-mehadrin (non-sex-segregated) bus in Jerusalem. You simply must read this letter – written by a religious woman. That’s right people, this is a religious woman beaten by haredi men. Oh, and the destination of the bus? The Kotel (Western Wall).

Their rabbis are thugs and abusers. They are thugs and abusers. They are violent, anti-democratic criminals. They want theocracy.

What’s the solution? Wipe Fiddler on the Roof out of your mind. Close your checkbooks. Withdraw you children from their schools. Have your schools remove any haredi teachers, no matter how good, no matter how kind they appear to be. Stop learning their "toirahs." Divorce yourselves from any contact with haredim or haredism. Starve the beast.

By the way, the tunnel she mentions does have an exit to the Moslem Quarter, but it’s locked and can only be opened by the police and soldiers that guard the Kotel area. It may also be that the rabbi of the Kotel has a key, as was the case years ago. I other words, the police and/or the rabbis had to help this thug escape.



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13 responses to “Haredi Men Beat Religious Jewish Woman on Jerusalem Bus – She Would Not Give Up Her Seat For A Haredi Man

  1. D

    More importantly:

    “you don’t know your place, you stupid American”

    Cut off all support for an Israeli society that treats its American cousins with such disdain and contempt. After making Aliyah 14 years ago I ended up making Yeridah a year later for situations much like the one depicted here in which I was the one receiving verbal blows and being told to get back in my place.

  2. Yochanan Lavie

    Is “mehadrin” Aramaic for fanatical?

  3. DK

    Do not listen to Shmarya’s nonsensical haredi bashing! This woman was not religious in the first place. For crying out loud, she was “covering” her hair with a snood, and even fondled a man’s genitals with her foot! She is not really frum, and probably only went to the kotel to start trouble.

    Haredim have to put up with assaults like hers every day, and you people blame the victims!

  4. Ahavah bat Sarah


    You are either a liar or an idiot, or both.

    Kicking someone when they are beating the tar out of you is not “fondling,” and a snood is a perfectly acceptable headcovering – and you don’t even know if this woman was married. This is not haredi bashing – this is the truth, plain and simple, that you and your kind are arrogant bigots who use violence and intimidation and LIES to get your way. She went to the wall to pray – and your perverted thugs were the ones intending to start trouble.

    Thou shalt not bear false witness, Liar! Perverter of God’s commandments! You have disgraced yourself and brought dishonor on God’s name, both you and your friends on the bus.

  5. rebecca m


    um, DK is sarcastic.

    read his blog if you don’t believe me:

  6. Anonymous

    “I other words, the police and/or the rabbis had to help this thug escape.”
    Who says that they helped him? She did not go after him, and they had no reason not to let him go through.

  7. learn how to read, my friend.

  8. Ahavah bat Sarah

    DK and Rebecca M:

    Well, if that’s true, then I apologize.

    I have never seen that website before, to my recollection – and there is nothing in the message indicating sarcasm, especially since I have been known to get a mailbox full of plenty just like it that aren’t.

    Oh, well. Guess I need to work on my anger management issues…

  9. shmuel

    Umm…this one little incident aside, I hope Mrs. Shears’ recent aliyah is going well.

  10. Yos

    I was just wincing the other day thinking of the advocates of doomsday aliya. With behavior like this, why would G-D protect Israel?

  11. Adam

    Regarding this so called “religious man” and the others, yes, he is a bully and so are the other men and if I met them I would likely spit in thier face which I would like to do to a lot of Rabbi’s as they deserve no respect what so ever. Of course, how they would react if I did spit in their face they would likely attack me and not being a big guy, they likely would.

    Having said that, I honestly don’t think very highly of the woman either.

    To make a comment like this:

    These men will treat you worse than the Arabs treat their wives and daughters – You are MAKING A HUGE MISTAKE!!!

    The last time I checked Jewish women nor are any Jews allowed to live in most arab countires. Furthermore, I don’t see Rabbi’s killing people because they don’t let themselves be bullied. In some arab countries they kill women or anyone that challenges them and doesn’t do exactly what they are told. This women sounds like someone that hates Jewish men in general and thinks arab men are better. I would spit in a women’s face that thinks arab men are better then Jewish men and if I did that they would also go crazy and if they could they would beat up the guy that did this or they will run to the police and say they were abused even though all that was done was someone spitting in their face.

    Furthermore, she should be concerned about the Rabbi being a bully in general and how he would treat a 10 year old boy who doesn’t do what he is told. He would likely do the same thing he did here. I have had my dealing with men who are bullies. Or an elderly man. Would this woman care if a helpless man was beaten? I doubt it very much. As long as women show this hatred towards their own brothers as a whole I can’t say anything highly about them. I see mothers abuse their 10 year old boys (they push them against walls they scratch them they pull his hair out they have rages where the boy is crying afterwords and is frightened of his own mother) and that is wrong too. But none of these women have anything to say about that even though a women is much bigger then a 10 year old boy.

  12. This has been confirmed by Jonathan Rosenblum. No amount of apologetics will change the truth.

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