For This He Brought Us Out Of Egypt?

Ha’aretz reports:

"There were days that I worked 22 or 23 hours without a break… I had to force-feed the geese every four hours and then watch them, so if they died, we’d immediately pluck their feathers and clean them so we could sell the liver." The above is part of a deposition sworn by one of nine Thai workers who were rescued two weeks ago from two geese farms in Moshav Ben Zakai.

The rescue was carried out by the Immigration Police and Trade and Industry Ministry inspectors. The farms are owned by two brothers. One is suspected of continuing to force-feed geese despite a High Court injunction against the practice. Both are suspected of mistreating the employees, who slept among the geese pens.

The police are examining whether the conditions of the workers meets the definition of a law passed a few months ago prohibiting commerce in human beings for the purposes of slavery and forced labor. These Thai workers will probably be the first test case of the law, which mandates sentences of up to 20 years.…

The Immigration Police found clear evidence of the illegal force-feeding of geese, yet the Agriculture Ministry denied that force-feeding was happening at these farms. It turns out that the Agriculture Ministry warns farmers before inspections. Kinda like our USDA, nu?



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  1. Neo-Conservaguy

    “The police are examining whether the conditions of the workers meets the definition of a law passed a few months ago prohibiting commerce in human beings for the purposes of slavery and forced labor.”

    It certainly fails the worker laws “passed” by haShem for the Jewish People several thousand years ago.

  2. Force feeding geese is hardly unique to Israel. The practice originated in France; the idea is to produce a fatty liver for patie de fois gras, which the French consider a delicacy. The dish is kosher if the goose is prepared kosher, but in view of the tza’ar ba’alei hayyim involved, does anybody really need it? The treatment of the workers is a different issue entirely, and if human trafficking took place severe exactions are called for.

  3. C-G

    Hi Neandershort-

    Actually, the ancient Egyptians were probably the first to discover the delicacy of overfed goose liver. It was passed on, centuries later, to the Romans. During the Roman occupation, Jews learned the tradition and carried it throughout Europe- and to France. It made sense- it was greasy, nutritious and portable. (Jews also brought artichokes to the Italians, but that’s a different- and friendlier- story…). Actually, there are even legends that the Jews brought fattened geese out of Egypt, but there’s no way of substantiating that, even though it sounds perfectly reasonable.

    Of course, the preferred method of fattening geese at the time was to simply allow them to gorge themselves naturally. We’ve managed to find ways to “improve” the process, and therein lies the heart (or liver) of the problem.

    And immigrant worker abuse, as we know, also stems at least as far back in history. But to see Jews as the perpetrators indicates that maybe there really isn’t enough gemara learning going on, after all.

  4. That should fix it.
    Damn, have you people never heard of a friggin’ closing tag?

    Animal rights, labor rights; PETA types will probably have a field day with this.

  5. Oops, that didn’t work. Let’s try again.
    This should do it.

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