“Marina, I Love You So Much”

This is what Vladimir Putin really is. Read it, all of it, both pages. And remember, Chabad helped put that monster in power and helps keep him there.


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6 responses to ““Marina, I Love You So Much”

  1. B”H
    Yeah, and prophet Yeremiah (Jeremiah)
    helped King Nevuhadnetzer gain power over Israel and Danielhelped to keep him in power
    And Mordechai saved the life of evil undemocratic serial rapist King Ahashverosh

    those damn evil ancient Chabadniks 🙂

  2. Yos

    It’s not often one can say, Ariel Sokolovsky is right.

  3. Jath

    AS is not only wrong, but also deceiptfully misleading.
    yirmiyahu foretold in a nevuah the victories of nebuchad.
    daniel worked for him but when called to, he did not suck up to the king but interpreted his dream as it was.
    achashverosh was not a serial rapist. he was king and these were the ways of kings then. not any more wicked than our chacham ba-adam who didn’t stop either at 4 wives.
    not so with chabad of the fsu, they are overtly supporters of the rulers and covertly using their “connections” to the despots to decimate other manifestations of judaism than theirs.
    comparing BL to yirmiyahu, daniel and mordechai is ludicrous.
    but then we are dealing here with AS who compares the dead to G-d.

  4. B”H
    Jath study Tanach Yeremiah. He was blamed by the likes of Shmaryah that his negative prophecies are demoralizing the army. Daniel prayed for the wellbeing and continuation of rulership of Nevuhadnetzer a despot on whose hands was the blood of tens of thousands of Jews, but who created relativly peaceful conditions for the Jews once he exiled them to Babylon. I’m sure given the choice among the 2 most people would prefer Putin over Nevuhadnetzer at least he doesn’t force anyone to bow down to golden statues of himself under penalty of death.:-)
    And Ahashverosh was by current definition a mass rapist since he forced single or already married women to join his harem.
    So again I renew my condemnations of all Chabadniks current like Lazar and ancient ones like those mentioned above.

  5. Jath

    when you say B”H what (who) do u mean?
    but back to our subject.
    again, the comparison is wrong, misleading and if you prefer, let’s say just erroneous.
    b lazar compared to yirmiya and daniel :
    yirmiya and daniel were neviim, Gd’s messengers directed by Gd on what to do.
    that is not the case with b.lazar.
    yirmiya and daniel can never be accused of being moysers and never used their connections with the tyrant to fight their correligionists “competing” rabbis, such as silence and probably not just silence in the famous visa case.
    they never behaved as petty merchants fighting for turf against what they call from the other side of their multiple face: fellow jews.
    the comparison is excessively chutzpadik.
    as to the comparison of Achashverosh and Nebuchadnezzar with Putin.
    this is not relevant. Doubtlessly, “nishtanu penei hadevorim”. what was common then, is not acceptable today.

  6. B”H
    Dear Jath!
    a)When I say B”H I mean Hashem who is memaleh kol alma and sovev kol alma-fills all the world and surounds all the world. If I point at a tzadik and say “This is Hashem” or This is Essence of Hashem clothed in a body I mean probably same thing what is stated in Bava Basra 75b about Moshiach and Tzadikim being called by Hashem’s name and as this is explained in Tanya and elsewhere (though rationalist meforshim such as Maarsha have differnt explanation what these statements in Tanach and Talmud mean, but I think it’s a matter of terminology of expression not substantive differnce in understanding). See the Faq page here
    see also http://rebbegod.blogspot.com/2006/01/rebbegod-blog-faq.html

    There are many levels of understanding everything in the Torah including these as Ravad says “mind bending” statements
    I posted them online in English with various explanations . It’s hard to correctly understand what my personal beliefs are from this blog.

    b)I don’t know all the details of things Rabbi Lazar is being accused of I don’t know to what extent he is guilty of some of the things Shmarya and others mentioned . Right now I was only commenting on the fact that Shmaryah seems to hold him responsible for things which are not part of his duties as a chief rabbi anymore than it was part of the duties of Daniel to make revolt against Nevuhadnetzer for being guilty of of many violations that technikly carry death penalty for a non Jew. And he is no more guilty of keeping Putin in power than Mordechai can be blamed for keeping Ahashverosh alive and in power.
    Do you know Russian politics?
    Do you know what other options are besides Putin?
    Options that have popular support that are friendly towards the Jews that have a chance of success etc.
    All I can say Putin by far is not the worst leader as far as treating Russian Jews is concerned. In fact he did a number of positive things for Russian Jews even before being a leader of the country while still working as I (if i remember correctly) deputy mayor of Petersburg.
    Thus if Lazar is actually responsible for giving Putin much good PR to the extent of keeping him in power it’s probably a wise move under the circumstances.

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