Please Post

Please post this link on your blogs and leave it in comments to news groups and newpaper articles. The world needs to know what Rabbis Kolko, Margulies and Company did:

You can also copy and post the graphic on the upper left sidebar of this page, or the larger one found here.

This is not just about keeping Kolko away from children – it’s about keeping his rabbinic enablers away from them, too.



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5 responses to “Please Post

  1. anon

    Does anyone remember what Ronnie Greenwald did and has done to cover most things?

  2. Nail Margo Too

    The caption under Kolko’s picture is in error. He did not molest boys for 30 years. From what is known so far, he molested boys for 40 years, starting when he was still single, as the dorm counsellor & gym teacher at Mirrer yeshiva.

  3. Sam

    Tonight on CNN there will be a special on the Kolko case. Maybe you can record it and post it for those of us who cant see it.
    Let them know that we wont stand for this ever again

  4. Nail Margo Too

    The CNN website has a schedule of tonights programs & mentions nothing about Kolko or anything similar.

  5. Sam

    it will be on Nancy grace

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