2nd Haredi Rabbi Accused Of Abuse, Lawsuit Filed

The NY Post reports:

December 14, 2006 — For the second time in a week, a respected
Brooklyn rabbi has been accused of sexually abusing a boy student at a
religious school.

A suit filed Tuesday in Brooklyn Supreme Court accuses Avraham Mordecai
Lazerewitz, described as the spiritual supervisor at the Gere[r] Misivta
Bais Yisroel school, of touching a student in April. Lazerewitz groped
and improperly touched the victim during a one-on-one help session in
the rabbi’s office in the Borough Park secondary school, says the
unidentified boy’s lawyer, Eric Green.

officials did not return a telephone message. Last week, authorities
accused Brooklyn Rabbi Joel Kolko of fondling a student, 6, and a
31-year-old former pupil.

UOJ notes the Gerer Rebbe helped this (alleged) creep escape to Israel. If true, perhaps the Gerer Rebbe should be sued.

Perhaps, my friends, the dam is breaking.

[Hat Tips: UOJ and Dr. R-F.]



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6 responses to “2nd Haredi Rabbi Accused Of Abuse, Lawsuit Filed

  1. Looks like UOJ was right again.


  2. shmuel

    I can’t link to UOJ. Anyone else with that problem? Is he still blogging?

  3. He still posts. I linked to him in this post. Click on the link and you’ll find him.

  4. Let the wellsprings of truth break forth through the barriers of repression. This is revolution!

  5. Isa

    Your link to UOJ does not work

  6. sam

    Just wanna say i have kow rammi leizorowotz for 20 years was very close to him wll these that accuse might wanna wait for justice, cause if its true that he molested akid why havent charges been filed, just a civil case looking for money \,
    what i know about the kid he was kicked out of the school and after that made the claims, and he threatened another rabbi with the same claim if he wasnt taken back so lets check our facts first.
    and if he is guilty i would be the first to prosecute him but lest wait

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