Humane Grass Fed Kosher Beef To Be Available In NYC Area

A kosher meat coop that promises cruelty-free, grass fed beef that is humanely raised, transported and slaughtered is about to launch in NYC. This might be a good option for those of you who, after the Rubashkin scandal(s), will still eat beef.



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4 responses to “Humane Grass Fed Kosher Beef To Be Available In NYC Area

  1. John K. Diamond

    Kosher Conscience needs to be applauded for their Holy initiative.

    They are establishing a Torah-True way to raise and slaughter animals for food, which has been in abeyance since the introduction of modern intensive livestock animal agriculture.

    This is also a long overdue challenge to the ingrained Orthodox Kosher establishment to follow suit.

    Again, my hearty kudos!!!

    John K. Diamond
    Member, Advisory Committee
    Jewish Vegetarians of North America (JVNA)

  2. Ahavah bat Sarah

    All they need now is organic certification.

  3. Neo-Conservaguy

    There’s also A. D. Rosenblatt kosher meats (aka Texas Kosher Beef), Solomon’s Kosher Bison, and Wise Kosher beef (and chicken). All appear to be good choices for the ethically-minded kosher meat consumer. The different companies may offer some variations on the organic/non-organic/grass-fed etc. details – it’s simply to call and check.

  4. Scam Alert

    scotty can give all the behemas metzitza bapeh before theyre shechted!

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