Shalom Auslander on Rabbinic Abuse

Luke Ford has an hysterical interview with Shalom Auslander. A brief excerpt:

Q: What do you make of the disproportionate number of Jewish writers who come from an Orthodox background?

A: Reading is fundamental, even reading nutty books written by terrified ancient nomads.…

Q: Did a rabbi ever touch you inappropriately? Are priests or rabbis more likely to molest kids?

A: If telling a small child that a violent psychopath in the sky is going to punish him for eating cheese with meat passes as inappropriate touching – and I think that it does – then yes, I was touched inappropriately, and repeatedly, by many, many rabbis..…

Q: After you’ve finished trashing religion, what do you want to leave people with to live by? Are your kids going to have as rich a material to draw from as you did? Perhaps you should smack them more?

A: I’ve bookmarked your site. That oughta do it.

Q: There’s nothing in halacah against burying a tattooed jew in a jewish cemetery, so why do you have a rabbi in The Metamorphosis claim there is?

A: Because that was what I was taught growing up. Also, on a related note, that wasn’t the point of the story. (Hey, can I change my answer to Question #11? What depresses me most is getting dogmatic, legalistic, bickering questions about stories whose essential point is the intellectual stupidity and emotional damage caused by dogmatic, legalistic bickering. There, that’s much better.)



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2 responses to “Shalom Auslander on Rabbinic Abuse

  1. yisroel


    check out marvin schicks advirtsment in last weeks jewish week re: mesirah.

  2. speaking about the views of Shalom Auslander, check out this article Prayer as Madness.

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