UOJ To File Class Action Lawsuit

UOJ wants to file a class action lawsuit against the rabbis and organizations whose corruption is destroying the haredi world from within. He also wants to summon them to a public beit din. More here.



Filed under Crime, Haredim, Mikva Abuse

5 responses to “UOJ To File Class Action Lawsuit

  1. shmuel

    Nice try, but he has no standing to bring suit (i.e., he has no personal stake in the matter) and one needs standing to be a plaintiff. Not sure how he’ll get around that. But good luck anyway, UOJ!

  2. MO MAN

    He can pay the legal fees and round up enough plaintiffs from New York to Jerusalem. How’s that for standing?

  3. God bless his heart, he is a tzadik for our generation

  4. Isa

    He just might be able to prove how this whole thing is connected so the lawyer can sue everyone for $$$$$$$$$. The Catholic Church had to be taken down for $500 million (+)[ ha ha] THEN they woke up

  5. shmuel

    If he paid the legal fees and rounded up the plaintiffs, great. They’d have standing and could go forward. That’s a lawsuit I’d like to see.

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