Slaving Over The Toiyroh

Who gets 60 paid vacation days per year, two-hour lunches, a seven hour workday and is exempt from certain taxes and national defense? Let’s ask DovBear!

[Hint. Better hint.]


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4 responses to “Slaving Over The Toiyroh

  1. Anonymous

    are you jealous? maybe you should learn in Kolel, its easy livin right?

  2. Schnuer

    Are they elligable for early retirement after 20 years ?
    How about sick time ?
    Or better yet overtime (billed to the Israeli government).
    The late Satmarer rebbe was a vocal opponenet of the Kolel lifestyle.
    He suggested that a potential Kolel man wake up 1 hour earlier, go to sleep 1 hour later , and learn a bit during lunch. Thats 2.5 hours right there. So the Kolel man learns a nother 4.5 hours and gets the kavod and money and in Israel the security.
    In the end even Satmar has a number of Kolelim , but a geat amny satamr men enter the work force annually as merchants or blue collar people.

  3. Nigritude Ultramarine

    The say learning Torah weakens you. Maybe the poor dears haven’t the כח to work a real job.

  4. Isa

    You ignore the teachers.
    To be fair the secular world has(had) a scam with computer knowledge.
    When 250,000 computer science types are unemployed or rather under employed they were still screaming “good jobs swell pay” This scam only provided jobs to the teachers. Yes, computer knowledge IS valuable especially if it meshes with existing knowledge.
    So too with the yeshivot- good jobs for the teachers

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