How Kiruv Works

From MentalBlog:

When you are taught by a person you respect that the world is nothing and the path to reach the devine is right in front of your nose it is so seductive that makes the rat race around you look soo meaningless that you just go for it. When the person who is teaching you pretends (and 99% are pretending) that they really live like that and look, they have a nice family with cute curls it is all the more seductive. Add a little maise, a little lechaim and magic happens, a new BT is born. I have a professor who told us that it always amazes her that in criminal investigations the interrogator who is taught which buttons to press and he does it and BAM magic happens, people confess, even if they did not do it. It’s the same sort of process with Tanya or Olga or Bagavat Gita.

That’s how it works. The person who has seen this process and knows that this is what will happen and does not warn the new victim ex. "please don’t take this to mean that you have to drop everything and really nobody lives like this, its a high ideal but there is reality, please don’t drop everything, take this as another bit in the grand Jewish mosaic that makes life interesting and meaningful!" is either stupid or a criminal. The few who do warn you are often tepid and cautious but are remembered fondly.

But I’ve spent a few years in chabad yeshivas and a few years on shlihus…

People spend so much personal energy and time (me personally only 8
plus years but its enough, I assure you) you have to be blind not to
see it. People understand that life is not a picnic. But we also
understand that we should not have to spend the rest of our lives with
sanctimonious assholes in order to feel "really Jewish". This is by the
way why there are not a lot of BTs. A lot of people see the truth
beyond the smoke screen.


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  1. Smells like brainwashing to me.

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