Settler Kills Self With Tefillin

A West Bank settler who killed four Palestinians and wounded another in an August 2005 shooting spree has committed suicide. He hung himself using the straps of his tefillin.



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8 responses to “Settler Kills Self With Tefillin

  1. Jath

    his action is that of a real “shahid”, jewish qiddush shem shamayim, it was not!

  2. Yochanan Lavie

    If it wasn’t so tragic, it would sound like a parody.

  3. Noclue

    He should have waited for Olmert and his cronies to free Barghouti; then he could have petitioned the High Court for equal treatment with Arab murderers.

    (But then again, maybe he realized that the High Court in Israel has one rule for religiouly observant and/or right wing Jews and one for left wing Jews and Arabs (or why else has no left wing politician ever been indicted or removed from office despite massive corruption (Olmert; Barak, Peres Sharon; Weisman; Rabin).

  4. Stephen Mendelsohn


    Why are we so solicitous about forcing people to live against their will, especially those in jail? If modern liberals consider abortion to be merely another form of birth control (even though presumably the fetus, unlike the suicidal person, has a desire to survive), then is not what we call suicide merely a form of death control? (I am speaking in the legal terms of a free society and not halachically here.) Why should we really care if a murderer carries out the proper sentence for his own crime? The good side of this is one less parasite living off the oppressed Israeli taxpayer.

    Those perceived as “suicidal risks” are subjected to extreme forms of psychiatric brutality, including seclusion in isolation rooms and forced electroshock, all in the name of “suicide prevention” — even as the psychiatric profession has six times the suicide rate of the general population (according to a study by psychiatrist Paul Blatchely, M.D.) There is no evidence that such abuse actually prevents self-determined death and much that psychiatric viollence increases it (e.g. Ernest Hemmingway, James Forrestal, and Marilyn Monroe are several famous examples of people who took their lives after being violated by psychiatry).

    We should remember the words of R’ Akiva on self-determined death: Leave him to his oblivion; neither bless nor curse him.

  5. Very creative guy. Perhaps ask Steven I. Weiss if this is a good thing; the settler not being anonymous and stuff.

    Scotty, have Chabad send a pair of these tefillin straps to Weiss just in case he gets angry at the world for you becoming a more popular Blogger than him.

  6. Isa

    Did the Arabs have a stone in their hand? Perhap a gun maybe?
    How about Baruch Goldstein (spelling?) Did those Arabs have stones or guns in their hands?
    Weissgan and Goldstein both had families and yet they do something insane like this.
    Secularly it is known as going ‘postal’ Where in the USA, stressed out postal employee(s) take a gun and just start shooting.

  7. If Olmert feels that freeing 1,000 Arab terrorist prisoners is kosher, what’s wrong with freeing Rabin assassin Yigal Amir? Why does Israel exercise a double standard towards prisoners?

  8. Rowan Berkeley

    He might have been trying to express the notion that laying tefillin is a symbol of enslavement, not of liberation.

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