Sexual Harassment and Sexual Abuse in Israel

The LA Times has a brief history of sexual abuse and harassment in Israel, along with coverage of the attempts to rectify this.


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  1. contemporary

    I am not a charedi, although I am strictly Orthodox and observant. I tend to agree with some of the things you say, but you often get carried overboard.

    Sorry to say, but the 2000 year legacy of Christianity is far from sweet. While it is true that Christianity rose from humble origins as an obscure Jewish sect to its present status as the world’s largest religion (if you include all of its forms), it was not all from love.

    The great civilizations of antiquity were forcibly destroyed by encroaching Christianity. The Library and academies of Athens, Alexandria,and Carthage were closed by imperial (at the time, Christian, edict). Every vestige of pre-Columbian writing, art and science in the New World, was eradicated in the name of Christ!!

    The last remaining outpost of Greco/Roman civilization, Constantinople, was sacked by Crusader, in 1204, even though it was a Christian city (albeit of the wrong type).

    Christians of different stripes fought each other in the 30 years war, the various heretical Crusades (Albigensian, etc.)Two thousand years of war, starting with the persecution of Arian Christianity in the 400’s, the Nestorians in the 500’s, the Hussites, Hutterites, etc., continues today in the troubled parts of Ireland. Needless to say, Non Christians, that’s us, my friend, suffered much nore.

    Christianity, being an artificially contrived religion, seduces the masses with nominal adherence to the “nice” parts of Judaism, without requiring compliance with its more difficult aspects. It’s sort of like going to school and majoring in recess!! No one is denying the genius of St. Paul, only the doctrinal validity of his preachings. Bear in mind that the teachings of peace, love and harmony, were certainly not invented by Christ.

    King David, is forbidden to build the Temple, because he is a man of war. The Torah prohibits the use of iron in the construction of the Temple, because of its warlike uses. Examine, if you will, the teachings of Amos, Yirmiyahu, and all the other Prophets. Examine the love for the stranger, the concern for the poor aged and infirm, that were taught in Judaism long before Christ ever walked the Earth!!

    Your personal gripe against Chabad,and various complaints against the so called “gedolim”, contain many valid points. Yes, many young Jews are being turned off to Torah by the lackluster and irrelevant leadership we currently possess.

    The solution, is not to rid ourselves of Judaism, but to purge Judaism of the hoaxers. There are some people, perhaps in the intellectual wing of centrist Orthodoxy, to whom the disoriented and disillusioned can turn.

    The failed Messianic pretensions of parts of Chabad, and the pietist pretensions of many Charedim, do not invalidate the concepts of the Messiah nor the rectitude of piety. On the contrary, another failed Messiah is a result of piety that is only a pretense!!

    You refer to Jesus preaching against Beth Shammai (although you do not back it up with any scriptural, even N.T. evidence, or in the writings of any of the Church fathers(Origen, Eusebius, Augustine, etc.) Obviously, he agreed, at least in part, with Beth Hillel, which for the most part, all of us agree with!!

    To sum it up, we need guys like you. Dig up the dirt. Broadcast it and spread it around. Let the rank and file of the orthodox world demand more of their leaders. Let them dethrone some of their leaders (or all) and annoint new ones (just like Samuel did!!).

    But,,, stop throwing out the baby with the bathwater!!

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